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Thread: ~ Turbulence Adjustment ~ ... FSIX & FSX

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    ~ Turbulence Adjustment ~ ... FSIX & FSX

    Searched & did not see this here, an interesting lil' easy tweaking of .cfg file turbulence settings.
    Have been flying these for a few weeks now, a night-&-day difference for the good in my estimation:

    At mild turbulence with some variable crosswinds tossed in, fun landings assured.



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    Interesting! Thanks for the hu.
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    You bet. Works on many planes well, such as the LDR Ryan Navion B & like-quality sim aircraft. A few otherwise fine, fun planes seem to not like it, such as the Aircraft Factory's HE-219 Uhu that gets tossed around like a '172 light on fuel & just the pilot onboard. The tweaked settings are a good jumping off place & a noticeable improvement.

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