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Thread: This Could Be Very Interesting - AnKor's Shaders

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    You mean like this? Was chasing down three RAF Bostons with one of the newly uploaded FW-190's and got to close!
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    Yep! It might be possible to incorporate those effects into AnKor's .dll!
    :tgun2: :tgun2: M3 fAiL 3nglush thats umpossible!

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    Once approved by the moderator there will be 60 updated model files here:


    These m3d files provide additional compatibility with AnKor's Shaders for the various stand alone aircraft I've published in the past.

    Installation simply involves making a back-up copy, and then replacing the originals that were in the previous packages.

    Adjustments have been made to the material properties by hex editing the m3d file as detailed in Section 8 of the Developer ReadMe file included in the shader packages.

    Specifically the changes represented here are:
    Change drawing type for glass surfaces to make them reflective. (00 00 FF 00)
    Change the diffuse color and transparency of glass surfaces. (99 99 99 12)
    Increase the glass glossiness intensity to max. (00 00 7E 43)
    Increase the paint glossiness intensity slightly. (00 00 80 42)

    These may seem too clear for some people's taste, but I've been researching how the aircraft tranparencies in WW2 looked and these settings are a close approximation of what can be seen both in pictures, and on the restored aircraft I've had access to over the years.

    If you want to change them to something else you would need to hex edit to add a tint by changing the 99 99 99 (60% Grey Color in Blue Green Red order) values and the transparency factor to something greater than 12.

    Here's a before and after example of the difference:

    The before values for the windows were 00 00 00 00 2D 2D 2D 4C 00 00 00 FF 44 44 44 FF FD FF FF 40 and the after is 00 00 FF 00 99 99 99 12 00 00 00 FF 44 44 44 FF 00 00 7E 43 to make them clear and reflective.
    The paint texture glossiness went from 00 00 00 42 to 00 00 80 42 to add a bit more sheen to the highlights.
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    Thank you for these.
    I have some problem getting the dynamic reticles working sometimes they do not appear on my rigg, any suggestions ?
    Also cannot seem to get the 3gb_Spitfire _5B_xxx and 3gb_hurricane _mk1a variant dynamic reticle correct position, can you help ?

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    I have several similar ones:
    <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="US_AAF_N6a_gunsight" PosX="0.00" PosZ="-1.25" PosY="0.575" Pitch="90" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/>

    <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="US_AAF_N6a_gunsight" PosX="0.00" PosZ="-1.1" PosY="0.590" Pitch="90" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/>

    <Effect Type="Track" EffectName="US_AAF_N6a_gunsight" PosX="0.00" PosZ="-1.05" PosY="0.65" Pitch="90.5" MinVel="-999999" MaxVel="999999"/>

    In at least once case the cockpit model refers to static so I had to add that the the TextureMagic.ini list before the dynamic one would work.

    I don't have any 3gb hurricanes to check, but it may be a similar issue if you can't make it work at all. The only way to check is to look at the cockpit m3d file with a hex editor, and find the static reticle name it's using to see if it's in the TextureMagic.ini list or not.
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    Thank you very much Andy

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    Link not working for me. Am I missing something?

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    looking for the aircraft for the 527BS.m3d

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    Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 42-3167 Ye Olde Pub, 2.Lt Charles L. Brown, 527BS, 379BG, Bremen, December 1943.

    It's a reskin of the Firepower B17 that uses an Alpha layer to simulate the massive damage from the Stigler - Brown incident.

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    New link worked. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorMagee View Post
    Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress 42-3167 Ye Olde Pub, 2.Lt Charles L. Brown, 527BS, 379BG, Bremen, December 1943.

    It's a reskin of the Firepower B17 that uses an Alpha layer to simulate the massive damage from the Stigler - Brown incident.

    in the Stigler-Brown zip file there is another zip named texture+xdp B-17F Ye old Pub, where does the content of this file go ?

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    The original idea was that you would make a stand alone copy of the Firepower B-17F, and then use these texture and xpd files to make the B-17 look damaged nearly beyond flyable condition. That was why Stigler had a heart and decided to let them go.

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    Got it worked out thank Major .
    what are you using to post scree shots ?

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    I've been using Imgur since Photobucket went to pay-per-view.
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    I’ve made a new build with several changes:

    1. Fixed random triangles appearing around the propeller for new FW190 models.
      It was caused by an incorrect attempt to draw nighttime sprites during day time
      Technically it happened because sprites are drawn in two passes. First pass does all setup and second pass just changes a couple of parameters. The bug was in that only first pass was disabled at daytime, but the second pass was still happening without any required setup. Just another case of “I wonder how it even worked before”.
    2. I’ve added keybinding settings into d3d8.ini so these assignments can be changed if needed.


    Also I think I’ve figured out why gunsight controls were unusuable in AutoHotKey and it should work now (haven’t really tested it though).

    This is probably the last “generic” build until WOTR release (and I have no idea when it is released).
    I still plan to work on several new features for WOTR, not sure if everything works out, but most likely these will be my final contribution for CFS3.

    I'll repackage this for download just to keep everyone up to date with the latest code.
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    Once it's been approved it will be here:

    Ankor's Jan 2018 Shaders for CFS3

    This incredible addition to CFS3 was begun by Andrey Korchinskiy in December of 2013 and was originally intended to become part of WOFF so that it could access DX9 functionality making it compatible with the SweetFX shader injector. Since then it has grown to be so much more that it's easy to forget that it still provides the bridge to using SweetFX in CFS3. It's major features are:

    External Views
    Aircraft Self Shadowing
    Anti-alias Aircraft Shadows On The Ground
    Tree and Building Shadows
    Dynamic Lighting
    Environmental Reflections
    Horizon Line Haze Blending
    Eliminated In Cloud Square Border
    Bump Mapping
    Ability To Add Shading Textures To Aircraft That Don't Reference Them In Their Model File
    Realistic Water Rendering
    Cloud and Terrain Shadows
    Adjustable Field Of View Angle
    Adjustable Night Sprite Effects Levels
    Self-Illuminating Secenery Objects
    Altitude Controlled Track Effects
    Tree Rendering with Alpha Transparency Effects

    Cockpit Views
    Dynamic Reticles With Variable Range Settings and Dimmer Function
    Variable Mouse View Controls
    Mouse Scroll Zoom
    Cockpit Lighting
    Luminous Gages
    Improved TrackIR Image Rendering

    Performance Enhancements
    Multi-Processor CPU Management
    Modern Rendering Optimizations
    Cfs3config.exe No Longer Needed Everytime Video Drivers Update
    Automatically Eliminates Dual Pass Rendering Conflict
    Auto Generates Mip Maps

    *** Installation ***

    These files are installed into the CFS3 main directory:
    Optional - suneffect.xml

    shaders30 Folder containing

    Optional - effects\fxtextures Folder containing my modified water effects files
    59 assorted Dynamic Reticle Files

    - effects\weather Folder containing my modified sun effects files

    These files can also be easily placed into JSGME for easy installation and removal.

    *** Warning ***

    This package includes some of my personal modifications, including new water files in the Effects folder, and a couple of adjusted .fx files in the Shader30 folder, and the suneffect.xml. These adjusted .fx files include several new variables near their tops that will let you fine tune the look of some of the effects (explained in more detail in the Developer ReadMe). The suggested values are listed in the comments for the variable.

    The foamamount value in SeaWater.fx is dependent on the water files you're using and is the cut-off brightness that switches the rendering animation from water to foam. Using a different set of water files than the ones I've included will most likely require you to change this value.

    The TextureMagic.ini file has the list of my animated gunsite files already included. The bottom of this file is where you can make edits to customize what will be included or not in the auto-adjustemnt of special effect brightnesses at night to fit your particular installation.

    I've also edited several settings in the d3d8.ini like the FOV that you may want to change to fit your particular set-up better since I'm running at an extra wide 3440 x 1440 resolution.

    2018 Changes:

    The code was updated to stop night sprites from being mistakenly drawn during the second rendering pass during the day.

    Head Shake calculated from the cockpit and gunner station locations. As the aircraft maneuvers your view is shifted in response to the g-forces being experienced. d3d8.ini contains new parameters to control the intesity of this effect, and it can now be dialed up or down as a percentage or switched completely off as well.

    The conflict with Dual Pass Render is now automatically corrected.

    There is a new Dimmer function for the dynamic gunsight reticles. The keys to control this, and the reticle size can now be customized in d3d8.ini.

    Mouse Look activates in the cockpit when you move the mouse allowing you to dynamically change your view direction. If you stop moving the mouse it will rotate back to the default forward view direction after a preset time. Mouse look can be switched on/off in-game by clicking RIGHT mouse button and it starts OFF by default. So to use mouse look you will need to right-click the mouse once.

    Mouse Scroll Wheel Zoom works like using the [ and ] keys. The step size and smoothness of the transition between levels is set in the d3d8.ini.

    This version also fixes the old "sky-colored triangles at edges of the screen" issue caused by head rotation when using TrackIR.

    Improved CPU utilization.

    Altitude Controled Track Effects are now available so contrails only show up at their appropriate altitudes.

    Self-Illumination capability has been expanded to allow even black surfaces to display a light map. This will let you have lights shown on parts of scenery objects like building windows.


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