Tribute to Neil Washbrook
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Thread: Tribute to Neil Washbrook

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    Tribute to Neil Washbrook

    Over at the Quartermoon Saloon, we were reliving the glory days of flight simulators past. I brought up CFS2 Online, which then became Netwings and we wondered what happened to Neil? I know he had Diabetes and was battling some serious issues with one of (both?) his feet.

    Anyone know? The Wayback Machine really helped bring a bunch of old friends back from memory. Even have a thread I made back in 2003 about issues with CFS3 installation. lol

    I believe on CFS2 Online's forums I was CybrSlayr.
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    Well, good and bad news. Nausicaa found an EVE thread - unfortunately, it seems that Neil died this year.

    RIP Neil.

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    I didnt know the man,but im sorry to hear hes left this world...i just hope he is in a better place for him.

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    I really hate to hear that. I knew Neil was having health issues from his diabetes, but hadn't heard anything about him for a long while.
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    Man this is so sad! I lost contact with Neil at least a year before Netwings failed and I knew he had completely lost interest in fs and cfs but I never imagined his diabetes would prove fatal so early.

    RIP Neil
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    the last I spoke to neil was about 3-4 years ago when I offered to host netwings for free, but he declined the offer.
    RIP neil
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    Sad news. We used his site for our Flight-19 flights for a long time, as well as the RTW Race. RIP Neil.
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    Very sad to hear, I used to love Netwings.. Neil was a nice guy, and he won't be forgotten!
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    My first CFS2 plane d/l was from Netwings: C.M. Carlson's OS2U Kingfisher. Tim Conrad and Paul Clawson have done newer versions but it's still a decent CFS2 plane. RIP Neil.

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    Indeed, very sad news to hear. Many of us here remember him fondly.


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    Oh dear this is an awful shock. I met Neil a couple of times and he was a delightful guy who couldn't do enough to help simmers in any way.

    Here's a photo of a group of us - the 'Netwings crew' - taken in happier days at Duxford in 2004 - Neil is the big fella in front - as you can see, he wasn't an old man, but he was having great trouble with his foot. A sad loss - my respects to his family.

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    Thanks for that pic, Lefty. Isn't the dude in the red hat and long hair Azagoth?

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    Those were some fun combat flight simming days...

    Yes, that's Azagoth too

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    Yes, it's Azagoth (Jon Bettany). One of the others is Blackbat, I think, but I can't remember all the names...

    Here's another one with some of the Dutch contingent..

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefty View Post
    Yes, it's Azagoth (Jon Bettany). One of the others is Blackbat, I think, but I can't remember all the names...

    Here's another one with some of the Dutch contingent..
    The one extreme left is ... ashes2ashes (?) from egypt, i think.
    Then comes wildbat aka Thomas, from Denmark.
    The two in the center i dunno.
    then Neil, Az, and finally VanBek aka Paul, from Baldock, UK.

    Brings back memories from my confused years... my extremely confused years.
    Thank you, i lost those pictures.

    Sad to know Neil is not any more.
    His place was my second home back then.
    Sending him a mental "Thank you" Hug...
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    I saw the banner at the top of SOH late last night and I thought it was pure class and richly deserved. Neil will be missed by a lot of people!


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    Just saw this today and remembered how much I learned at Netwings and the excitement waiting for the AvHistory releases, MAW announcement and the good-natured banter. These were good times, RIP Neil!
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    Netwings was the first site I discovered before SOH. May he rest in piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rami View Post
    Netwings was the first site I discovered before SOH. May he rest in piece.
    Ditto for me.

    I was saddened when the site went down.

    RIP Neil.

    Semper Fi
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    Ah the memories, very fond memories. Netwings was my first home when it was still CFS2 Online and Neil was a great guy, always helpful with us MAW renegades. He will be sadly missed, as well as Gerard and Ed.

    Nice to see some old faces too in those pictures, sometimes I wonder where are they hiding, Wildbat, Fox, Az...

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    When I joined it was still CFS2 Online.I made alot of friends there and learned so much.

    When my brother passed away Neil not only posted in the thread but also sent an e-mail to me and my sister in law with his condolences.This alone says alot about the man.

    RIP Neil.

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    That's very sad news. I didn't know Neil but had conversed a few times via email. He came across as a very kind man. My thoughts are with his family.

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    Just checked back on this thread - thanks to the mod that changed the title and made the banner - top form and a class act.

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