Got a spare room at your place?
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Thread: Got a spare room at your place?

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    Got a spare room at your place?

    Just found the ultimate home flight sim cockpit

    Be sure to watch the embedded video too!
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    An impressively tight package that allows for true 360 degree rotations and movements. What impressed me the most was the rapid movements. That seems to me to be a device capable of replicating G-loads consistent with most all aviation situations. Combine it with panoramic visual presentation and suddenly you have a device that with the proper degree of simulator fidelity could be used for risky operations such as spin training in general aviation.

    I would imagine it's rather expensive, but hopefully not prohibitively expensive so that GA customers could not use it for training.


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    According to an article linked from the website, the Max Flight was around $130,00 in 2007, so...

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    Wrap it up...I'll take it!
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