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    Fudpucker's aviation dictionary....

    I loved Fudpucker Airlines back in the '70's. Had the hats, t-shirts, mug, anything I could get aholt of. My own 'personal' FS fleet of trash haulers are all in Fudpucker livery. Used to PO the squadron maintenance officer by running around 'zapping' our aircraft with Fudpucker international decals. Found this this morning , it does take me way back.


    180-Degree Turn - A sometimes difficult maneuver to perform; the degree of difficulty is usually determined by the size of the pilot's ego.

    A & P Rating - Enables you to fly grocery supplies.

    Aerial - That part of the aircraft most frequently broken off during the walk-around preflight inspection that pilots do to see if anything is broken off.

    Aero - That portion of the atmosphere that lies over Great Britain.

    Aerodrome - British word for airport. Exactly what you'd expect from a country that gives its gaeroplanes names like Gipsy Moth, Slingsby Dart, and Fairey Battle Bomber.

    Aileron - A hinged control surface on the wing that scares the hell out of airline passengers when it moves.

    Airfoil - 1. Sword used for dueling in flight. Often used to settle disputes between crew members and passengers. 2. What pilots wrap their sandwiches in.

    Airframe - When the FAA inspector knows that you have only a student license and sends his kids to bum a ride with you in the plane.

    Air Mass - Impromptu religious service held on board an aircraft immediately following an announcement by the pilot that he is lost, having an engine problem, or running out of fuel.

    Airplane - The infernal machine invented by two bicycle mechanics from Dayton, Ohio and perfected on the sands of the Outer Banks of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Precursor of the Frisbee.

    Airspeed - 1. The speed of an airplane through the air. 2.True airspeed plus 20% when talking with other pilots. Deduct 25% when listening to a Navy aviator. 3. Measured in furlongs-per-fortnight in student aircraft.

    Airstrip - In-flight performance by exotic female flight attendant.

    Air Traffic Control Center - A drafty, ill-kept, barn-like structure in which people congregate for dubious reasons.

    Alternate Airport - The airport that no aircraft has sufficient fuel to proceed to if necessary.

    Angle of Attack - Pick-up lines that pilots use.

    Arctic Frost - Attitude shown by uncooperative stewardess (also see "Horizontally Opposed").

    Arresting Gear - Police equipment used for keeping order at airport parties.

    Aspect Ratio - 36-24-36.

    Autopilot - A would-be airplane pilot who flunked his checkride....

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