Project updates: F-35, F-14D and S-3B
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Thread: Project updates: F-35, F-14D and S-3B

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    Project updates: F-35, F-14D and S-3B

    I have not posted an update on my project for a while here at SOH... so here are few pictures to show you where I am. In short, F-35 and F-14D will receive an udpate with several fixes and improvements....and limited Tacpack support. The S-3 is making some slow - but steady - progress...

    More information on my blog and on the indiafoxtecho facebook page.

    Comments and suggestions welcome as usual!

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    Outstanding Dino, great work you are doing, can't wait for the updates on the F14 and the S3. Thank you for your hard work


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    happy to see the new paint schemes added to the F-35! Great work! Waiting with anticipation for Tacpack update to be released so you and other devs can release your tacpack enabled work
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    Really appreciate the update Dino. The improvements on your F-35 and F-14 will only make two great aircraft even greater. Thanks
    Regards, Tom Stovall KRDD

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    Outstanding Dino!


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    They all look great. Really looking forward to the new S-3.

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    im not much of jet flier ,but im excited about that S3 for certain.

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    Wow that Google Drive sure is fast at d/l.
    Great aircraft.
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    Great notice!!! May thanks for working and updating these wonderful planes. :salute:

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    looking forward to the new and improved models. thank you very much.

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    Looking forward to finally having other models to operate alongside my VRS, it's always to have options that happen to one's favorite aircraft (Tomcat, but did get a ride in the War Hoover).
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    in multiplayer I believe the Superbug will still be a (much) better choice than the Turkey (BLASPHEMY!)... but le me elaborate that a little.
    In my rendition - due to lack of resources and time - while the weapons are functional the launch modes will be limited (e.g. AIM-54 will be practically useless)... and other systems like RWR will be vastly simplified.

    At the moment, for example, AIM-9L can be launched only in visual boresight mode...

    As far as I can tell from my sources, Aerosoft's F-14A will be a much better rendition, at least in that respect.

    Similar limitations will apply to the F-35...but given that the real thing is just starting the weapons intergration stage we can call that a "realistic" rendition...

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    Outstanding work Dino! Looking forward to the update!

    After your posts in my military ops thread, I have been reading up on Tacpack and I am about to purchase and see what I can do with it. I have several SAM objects, mobile and stationary that I would love to have as targets and to have shoot at me also. Also APCs, Abrams and other armored vehicles that would work.
    Best, Michael

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    I hope I have not oversold the VRS Tacpack then!
    It is not so flexible for ground objects as it is (or,better,*will be*) for aicrafts - but is a very well written expansion which does a great job providing some much wanted functions for military aviation fanatics like me...

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    As a long standing member of your fan club all I can say is thank you very much Dino. I'm looking forward to the Viking!:salute:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Domingue View Post
    As a long standing member of your fan club all I can say is thank you very much Dino. I'm looking forward to the Viking!:salute:
    me too exactly

    Thank you so much Dino - FSX would be incomplete without your contributions
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    Add me the list of Happy Campers looking at your WIP Viking pics! Looks great.

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