Prepar3D on same HDD as FSX?
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Thread: Prepar3D on same HDD as FSX?

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    Prepar3D on same HDD as FSX?

    Have there been any issues installing Prepar3D on the same HDD as FSX for anyone? I'm thinking about checking it out on my current HDD first. If it's worthwhile, I was thinking I could then buy an SSD as a dedicated drive for Prepar3D.

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    I can't comment on having FSX/P3D on the same drive, due to when I made the transition I was able to add two SSD drives to my system.
    I'm currently running P3D on one of them, along with my modeling, graphics, and other related programs.

    I've read that FSX or P3D should be installed on the default drive for best performance. Having both of them, I didn't bother with for migrating FSX root locations to avoid redundancy of space needed. The way I see it is if a developer C's their product profitable to the consumer, they will provide a dual installer as needed so the installee has that option. When I did the transition I wiped FSX off my desk and kept going.

    I know my response wasn't necessarily what you are wanting. Just a little input if you know what I mean. I think once you make the choice you won't regret it as a whole experience.

    For the price of upscale add-on, P3D, I feel the transition was well worth it.

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    For some reason I always keep simulators on a dedicated HD. My case I 4 HD's dedicated to flightsim. Prepar3D and FSX have there own as does Fs9 and X-Plane. If I do grow to DCS then that will also get it's own dedicated HD. I always found if FSX and Prepar3D are on the same they fight. Same applies to Fs9 and FSX lol.

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    I don't get the confusion here, all three FS9, FSX P3D can share the same HD with no issues. They do not share any files at all. Even the hidden files under yourname\Appdata are separate and distinct.

    \Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D

    even the scenery.cfg follows the above convention but this time it is in

    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX or

    C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D

    except for FS9 which keeps it's scenery.cfg in the main program. e.g. d:\FS9 or E:\FS2004 or whatever your chosen install path was. With FS9 or FS2004 you can even have multiple installs of the same (renamed sim) on the same HD without issues.

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