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    Nervous Shake Test

    Last night, I checked to see how much the trim for straight and level flight changed as a result of the weight increase.
    It turns out there were a few surprising differences.

    I set up a rather unusual test:
    Very often on a CFS aircraft, if the balance on the landing gear, contact points, or spring rates are not in harmony, the aeroplane will vibrate or wiggle a little even when nothing is happening.
    To test this, I leave the aeroplane loaded but inactive for a few hours and see if it has moved noticeably from where it started.
    This aeroplane was left overnight and does not appear to have moved.

    - Ivan.
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    Hello Ivan,
    Sit, Fido!! Good Dog... and all night!

    Anyway, your thorough testing and fine-adjustments,
    together with the intricate textures and excellent lines
    this model shows, will surely make it a very successful
    model in the warbirds library - not to mention the

    Nice work!
    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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    Edits and Tests

    I tried to do just one more edit in AF99 and got the result shown in the screenshots.
    I do not believe it is the result of a broken Development Machine, but I also know that MdlDisAs did not work either and THAT is most certainly a misbehaving Development Computer.
    I will try the SCASM (MdlDisAs) edit on another computer this evening and see if it works there.

    On another somewhat related note, I also found that the Roll Rate was not quite what I expected it to be and Trim appears to be not quite stable.
    I suppose it will be yet more editing on the AIR file.

    - Ivan.
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    Hello Ivan,
    What ate up the camo?
    "Why make it simple if you can also make it complicated?"

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    A Retry....

    Hello Aleatorylamp,

    This morning I went back to do another build with AF99 so that I could see what the code changes were for the Alpha Transparency in the Canopy and be able to put them in manually via SCASM.
    It turns out the build from AF99 worked today.
    I have a minor suspicion there was an interaction between programs that might have been causing problems.
    I have to help my Son with some of his school work tonight, so I probably will not get anything more done for a couple days.
    Tomorrow looks to be pretty busy.

    Regarding Camouflage:
    You know it was all done in Water Colours, so it went away with the first rain or snow storm.
    Actually, it was field applied camouflage and the new version is straight from the Aircraft Factory again.

    Attached is a Screenshot to show what I was testing for earlier.
    Note that for this Messerschmitt Bf 109E, it only took about 3 minutes for the aeroplane to fidget enough to get to this angle from the time it loaded into the simulator.

    Can we all say "Fidget Spinner"?

    - Ivan.
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