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    Dansk Flymuseum

    Last time out, I decided I was fed up lugging around a DSLR and heavy lenses. My 'small' camera, a Panasonic, was always disappointing, so I decided to compromise a bit and buy one of these -Attachment 89442

    I am still experimenting, but it is a joy to use and has a 'proper' viewfinder, so you don't have to wander about with your arms in the air !

    Here are some preliminary shots taken in the marvellous museum at Stauning, on the west coast of Jutland. The tidiest aircraft museum I have ever visited, and full of rarities...

    This is the replica of the Ellehammer, the aircraft that made the first powered flight in Europe, according to the Danes, beating Santos-Dumont by a month.

    The B & S monoplane from 1911

    What the Danes call the Hawker Dankok

    A replica of the home-grown KZ I

    The KZ II, in coupe form

    KZ II trainer

    KZ VII

    A nice KZ III ambulance

    The lovely KZ IV

    No apologies for another pic of one of my favourites !

    KZ VIII, built for an air circus

    A rather smart KZ X

    More later.....

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    More goodies.....

    The curious HT-1

    The equally curious Transavia Airtruk - I was very surprised to find how small this aircraft actually is - it always looks enormous in photos..

    The Hummel Bird, powered by a Moto Guzzi bike engine - this one isn't in the catalogue. Walter ???

    A rather splendid C47, beautifully turned out.

    A nice F86D

    Quite difficult to ID the Draken from this angle..

    Another gem - the PBY 'with knobs on' !

    Nice to see one with the blisters intact.

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    Great photos Mike, and an interesting museum. They have a complete set of SAI KZ aircraft according to their website, and some of those they even fly!
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    You certainly have some one of a kind aircraft in there. I didn't recognize 90% of them.

    That is a nice camera. Even if it is a "cough, gag" Canon.


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