Something new in the air....
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Thread: Something new in the air....

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    Something new in the air....

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    P.S. Dear mods. This is NOT a "hack". More information will be posted soon.
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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    Wow. So nobody cared about 3rd party aircraft in Flight hay?
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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    I think it's rather cool that there's still a few out there that haven't given up on Flight. The possibility to have some new planes would be indeed interesting, but the only thing that would get me to reinstall Flight is if someone figured out how to add the rest of the world in there...

    That said, I do admit to peeking in at Flight threads whenever some new development comes along. Wistful thinking, I suppose. I applaud you on your efforts sir, even if they might not receive wider appreciation.

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    Kevin, there's be quite a bit of interest in the SeaBee over in the AVSIM "Flight" forum, so don't feel as though your efforts are not being noted and appreciated!
    Bill Leaming
    3d Modeler Max/GMax
    C & XML Gauge Programmer

    Military Visualizations

    Intel® Core™ i7-3770k 4.2GHz - Crucial 16GB DDR3 - Dual Radeon HD770 1GB DDR5 (Crossfire) - Eco II Watercooling - Win7 64bit
    Intel® Core™ i7-2600k 3.4GHz - Crucial 8GB DDR3 - NVIDIA EVGA GTX-770 SC 4GB - Win7 64bit

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    I have to admit I missed this thread and it wasn't until it was mentioned at Avsim that I found it.

    But now that I see it... Hey Kevin, you da man!!!

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    I'm impressed. I just don't think people watch the MS Flight board here that closely... Maybe that'll change soon.

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    OK. So now that I see there is at least SOME interest, here is the info.

    First, the bulk of the work is being done by my friend, Steve. He's making the tools to try and import some FSX aircraft INTO Flight. This tool will be limited in scope and scale, so DONT expect a PMDG 737NG flying over Hawaii. It will only be able to convert simple aircraft that don't use external DLL's. The Seabee is a test of that system. So far, we have the visual importer worked out. Currently Steve is working on the flight modeling. If you know someone with expertise working with flight model's in FSX, please let me know. He could help us out on this.

    Second, the Seabee will be released FOR FREE for the Flight community. I spent a long time working on Flight, and was sad to see it not reach its potential before MS pulled the plug. This is my gift to those who still fly. From what I understand, the only requirements is that you own Alaska. Steve knows more about this then I do.

    Third, we have the "OK" from MS to do this. So this is not a hack or unsanctioned mod.

    Once I get more info, ill be sure to post. Right now we are up against a flight modeling wall, as none of us had to deal with FM.
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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    You might want to check out the Prepar3D SDK. There is a bit of documentation on FSX/ESP flight models there. I believe there is a source asm file for example flight models prior to being compiled to binary form. I know a little about air files (editing through AirEd) but not a whole lot, so I probably am not of much help.

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    "BONE YARD" Gulf Coast Fla.
    Yes "FLIGHT" is alive....It will in time prove to be a great Sim...Like the first Lowly FS9, then to be created to what we know,so to the potential for flight may exist...Thanx for the Far Sighted People who see this and are making it happen...

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    I sure would like to see more aircraft in MS Flight. It is a fun sim. Look forward to see this in flight soon.

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