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Thread: FSX Tweaks How-To's Config Rewrites

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    Thanks for explaining the tweaks Wally-Bob. I got some bad info online, imagine that. Takes a ton of reading to try to get the whole picture, but your post made things very clear.

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    Thanks Major_Spittle,

    I seem to understand Computer-Geek language (or maybe, I think?) but not being fully bi-lingual, I only speak layman or Redneck as you put it. One has to be careful, bad info online perhaps, however there is alot of old advice for FSX-RTM still out there that does not apply anymore. (FSX-Release To Market, i.e. before SP-1 & 2)

    Now another tweak comes to mind, Max Frame Rate=

    The frame rate tweak I use is one that NickN described. I didnít believe him at first and I always evaluate things. It works for me. Max Frame Rate= unlimited in FSX and used in conjunction with your video cardís driver software Vsync=enabled or Vertical Sync=on. The words here vary by manufacturer. This combo will yield higher FPS in dense scenery than a FSX limited value. The idea is to have your hardware limit the sim frame rate as determined by your monitorís refresh rate. The effect is not the same as setting Max Frame Rate= to your monitorís refresh rate. (Because Ė read on Ö)

    And yes, the Max Frame Rate= (A.K.A. Target Frame Rate) does interact with the Texture_Bandwidth_Mult= as The Major has quoted in detail earlier in this thread.

    Many people tend to fixate on the FPS display meter (Shift-Z) to measure performance. That meter has a relatively slow update rate and Iím not convinced it is entirely accurate. As Texnetcop said many moons ago - Look for smooth flight without blurries and donít worry what the meter says. Most people canít see faster than 30 FPS anyway. (30 FPS is TV speed in the USA.)

    So the bottom line with any tweak - If FSX seems smoother and looks better, it is. Forget about that Shift-Z FPS meter !!!

    Wally-Bob :USA-flag:

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