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    One of the first places you might want to look over is the MS Insider sight..Here you will find the FSX Service Packs 1 & 2 and other assorted freebies,tips,and information:

    Another important aspect for your FSX is having your video card up to date:
    How to properly uninstall your drivers:*

    Make sure you get the correct version for your Operating system..

    Drivers for the Nvidia Fans:

    Drivers for the ATI Fans:

    Tools to Monitor and Overclock your Video Cards:

    Nvidia: EVGA Percision
    ATI: Riva Tuner
    ATI Tray Tools

    Monitoring Software.... Its always good to keep an eye out for your temps ...Once again read and make sure its for your Operating System. Some of these will report to you all your system specs.

    HW Monitor.....
    Sandra ....(XP & Vista)

    A Couple Good Benchmarking Utilities...

    3DMark Vantage ....

    For you that just find it hard to stay out of the bios for Overclocking the CPU..This is the way to test its stabality.
    note..It is possible to pass Prime95 for hours and still in some cases have some instabality .But its the best starting point..

    Just bought or built that killer rig and want to protect it? Use this tool to help you determine what size Battery-Back-Up you need for that computer...

    Looking to Upgrade? Heres how to tell what Power supply that beast will need..

    Here's a couple links for AntiVirus and Spyware...


    Good Defraggers.......FSX loves to be kept defragged and optimized....


    Diskeeper 2009.....

    This is just a good basic start for all your FSX and Computer needs..The supply is endless..Please help us to help each other. Please feel free to post any and all of your favorite tools and software items here for all to see and use..I will then move them all to this master thread for everyone to have easy access to.

    Thanks for all your suggestions and tools....

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    "If it ain't broke, fix it until it is"

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    Thanks Harleyman....

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    nice implementation of a really good idea. :ernae:
    enter..the Sandman

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    The IObit Smart Defrag is a good tool, wish I knew of it much sooner.
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    I want to add this:

    Do you happen to be using the HDMI connection?

    If using HDMI with an NVIDIA card, it's best to download and use a utility that opens up the full RGB color range to be passed by the video card to the monitor. This is a known problem with NVIDIA and HDMI and makes a world of difference, especially with deep blacks (otherwise they appear washed out and gray)."

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    Correct me, if you will.

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