30RAF Jimmy Whalen Hurri IIB skin UT.zip
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    30RAF Jimmy Whalen Hurri IIB skin UT.zip

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category CFS 2 Skins - British

    Description: Hurricane IIB 30 RAF Ceylon 42 skin by UncleTgt

    This is a repaint for the CFS 2 conversion of Aeroplane Heaven's Hurricane IIB originally by Gavin Cole & enhanced by Rob H & Hewman 100. This aircraft is from 30 squadron R.A.F. based at Ceylon during April 42. This particular plane was flown by Flt Lt Jimmy Whalen.

    The base texture is mostly Rob H's work, all I did was to take one of his excellent repaints, remove the original markings & add some new markings to depict Jimmy Whalen's aircraft. To install, unzip the download and place your chosen texture files in the texture folder for the AH Hurricane IIB trop model within the aircraft folder in your CFS2 Main Directory.

    Thanks to Aeroplane Heaven for a great aircraft. Gavin Cole for doing the conversion of the FS2004 aircraft to make it available within CFS 2. Rob H & Hewman 100 for coordinating to build on Gavin's work to produce the whole Hurricane series, complete with a great set of repaints.

    This is freeware and subject to the usual conditions


    DEC 2012

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit 30RAF Jimmy Whalen Hurri IIB skin UT.zip
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Who's Work???

    Wasn't gavinc so called work
    .... more like stole it.... i should know still got the orginal..... thief more like it...



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    Just for clarity

    Wow, only took 6 years to point out how "incomplete" my readme credits were...

    Anyways, for clarity, I just followed the authors of the previous model uploads.

    This is from Gavin Cs AH Hurricane II conversion readme

    "My credits and thank you's

    1) Aeroplane Heaven - for releasing the set in the first place
    2) Ivan Hsu - for authoring MDLC
    3) Martin Wright _ for authoring DXTBmp
    4) Stefano 'kelticheart' Denti - for creating the prop blur textures.
    5) Rick Spork (Smashing Time) - for creating the rear view canopy mirror.
    6) and finally to the entire crew on the Sim-Outhouse (www.sim-outhouse.com) and especially to "Mav", who figured out the trick to converting these great models in the first place.

    All copyrights are retained by their original owners - These aircraft are still copyright Aeroplane Heaven 2006"

    Comprehensive enough now?

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    Yeh.... wow ...
    Says it all. Lol

    Not your fault UT b4 your time.... I've d/l most your paints even these.... cos they're very good.... as for conversion feel like i was sucker punched .... foolishly posted how to do em.... and gavinc came out of nowhere ran thru the mdlc after hex editing the bgl section....and uploaded em never pm me or asked.... meanwhile i was still scasm editing vc so stick would work... could been my 1st contribution to the community...that was my very first post and welcome .... but wasn't to be... anyway whatever

    Keep up the good work..... ever thought of doing Paul rebuffat bf109?

    Cheerz mav

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