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    Mosquito KA114 Engine Run

    The excitement is building! With the aircraft's official unveiling and planned first flight now only but a week from this Saturday, Jerry Yagen's Mosquito, under restoration at Avspecs (located at Ardmore, New Zealand) had a test run of its port engine yesterday. Engines are of course test run before being fitted to the aircraft, following overhaul, but this is the very first test run on the aircraft.

    Video can be seen here:

    Some photos can be found posted here (and previous pages):

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    Great video! Can't wait to see the footage of it's first flight!

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    Jeepers its going to be a close run thing...29th isn't far away!

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    If anyone can do it - it's Warren and the boys.

    Still - anything can happen and, if everything's not right, they won't hesitate to postpone....better safe than sorry.

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    Thank you for the link, Fauville! What a sweet sight it is! It's also nice to see the armament now fitted. It looks like the gear doors have now come off once more, for painting, which the cowl panels have been due for as well.

    There are a number of new photos posted to the Wings Over New Zealand forums (as there will undoubtedly continue to be). The aircraft is now on the New Zealand register as ZK-MOS.

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    nothing can describe how cool that is
    yes i know i cant spell half the time! Thank you kindly to those few who pointed that out

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    Although there hasn't been anything confirming it one way or another, there are rumors that the aircraft might spend some time in England, at some point, as it has been stated that Jerry Yagen would like for the aircraft to be seen at some air shows in the UK. As much as I would love to see this aircraft show up at Oshkosh next summer (the easiest way I'll likely be able to eventually see it), I think it would be great if the aircraft remained in New Zealand through their summer and fall months (our Northern climate's winter and spring), flying at various displays. It could then take a starring role in next year's Classic Fighters air show, as it was being billed for originally back in 2011 - for the international attention it would draw, I'm sure there isn't a vintage/warbird air show that wouldn't want it, badly, in its line-up. Following this time, it could then be brought to England for displays throughout the summer there, before finally coming to roost at the Military Aviation Museum. I can't picture there being enough will power to send the aircraft back out of the country once it is in the U.S., though I'm sure I could very well be wrong on that matter. Of course it goes without saying, that all of these ideas or wishes are without factoring in the costs or other factors that may not be accounted for.

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    Well seeing as we are having the WWI airshow at the museum this weekend I am hoping to see that the German hangar is completed. Cause if not then there will be nowhere to put the Mosquito anyway when it gets here. I too have heard that the aircraft is possibly going to make stops through England. There are certain things though that the people in the know at the museum are very tight lipped about, and incoming aircraft/aircraft movements is one of them. Video is very cool though to finally see it running. I can not wait to see it in person though. In talking with the Fighter Factory guys about these type of aircraft restorations they say usually they wind up having to go back through the bird to bring it up to par with the FAA. They did not elaborate exactly on what needs to be done, but if I understand some of the conversations correctly it may actually be some time before this bird makes her first flight when she gets here to VA Beach.
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    Excellent news

    A great effort by all who worked on the classic masterpiece.


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    fantastic stuff

    theres more pics further on in the NZ forum thread linked to above
    yes i know i cant spell half the time! Thank you kindly to those few who pointed that out

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