Advice needed for printscreen program with Windows 7 64 bits
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Thread: Advice needed for printscreen program with Windows 7 64 bits

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    Advice needed for printscreen program with Windows 7 64 bits


    I recently upgraded to Windows 7 64 bits Family Premium edition and am in the process of reinstalling FSX with all of the functions that I had working with Windows XP.

    I had been using the Gadwin printscreen free application with excellent results and would get some full screenshots at the click of the selected button while flying in FSX.

    I have now downloaded the latest Gadwin version (4.7) which is compatible with Windows 7 and can take screenshots of most anything SAVE for when FSX is open and running. Any click of the selected button will only give me a screenshot of the blackscreen seen when the program is loading prior to opening. I have sought advice at Gadwin but failed to get any answer yet...

    Can anybody help me on solving this problem (if there is indeed a solution to it) ?

    If not, could any of you suggest a program (freeware or payware) which would be as easy to use as Gadwin was that would be compatible with Windows 7 and be able to take screenshots of FSX while it is running ???

    Thank you kindly in advance for your help.


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    For FSX and win 7 just push the V key.Screenshots will go to (my pictures).

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    Thanks Thoe,

    Works fine !

    However, I checked the type of file which is used and was wondering if we can select JPEG instead of BMP to save on space ?


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    You can take 100 pics (bmp) and then use IrFanView's 'batch conversion' feature to convert to jpg. It's small (file size). It's free. It's fast.
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    I've been using 'Snapper' for years, it does what it says on the can and works on XP, Vista and Win 7 64.

    You can DL it here:

    It even integrates with FS to add lat/long or nearest airport to the shot if you so desire (configurable in the Options settings).

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    Yes I agree, Snapper (for our FS purposes) IS the way to go.
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    Same for me... I suggest you use Snapper!

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    The reason why FSX saves screenshots via the "V" key as .bmp files is there is less overhead as .bmp files are not compressed. Taking the screenshot as .jpg takes more CPU power to compress the file.

    Would we normally see any difference when the screen shot is taken? Probably not and anything you would notice would be shorter than momentarily.

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