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    Quote Originally Posted by TARPSBird View Post
    I never got the AlphaSim F-8E Crusader for FS9 when it was available. Phil said they have no plans to re-release it or make it available as freeware. If/when Sylvain Parouty comes out with his F-8 package for FSX I'm on it like crows on road-kill.
    That's another one I am glad I picked up then... I think I got it on sale some place.

    Kind of sad to see it die really. I think I purchased it based on Grover's old Alphasim videos.

    There is the this one...

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    I just couldn't justify purchasing both the Skyray AND the Demon so I went with the F4D this time. Lots and lots of textures available for it and it is just soooo swoopy. Jets from my kidhood... woohoo!

    ...things will go as they will; and there's no use hurrying to meet them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by awj112 View Post
    There is the this one...
    And THAT one is an EXCELLENT Crusader for FS9. I have been flying it for several years, very nice attention to detail and it comes in US NAVY and MARINE versions as well as French Air Force. Even a US Navy Blue Angels variant. It's a freebie and a must have if you are an F-8 Crusader fan. :salute: Sorry, didn't mean to get off topic... I thought at one time Alphasim had released their Crusader as freeware, maybe not.

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    Downloaded that 'Sader yesterday after awj112 posted the link (thank you). Excellent package with good choice of paint jobs. Still have to figure out all the switchology for the animations and such.

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