Water Water Everywhere?
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Thread: Water Water Everywhere?

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    Water Water Everywhere?

    Well, maybe not as much as you might think, being the earth's surface is 75% water. Shortcut: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap120515.html . Google 'APOD' to get the main menu for other fantastic NASA subject mater.
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    And an even smaller portion of that is fresh water, which several multinational corporations are now trying to turn into a commercial commodity on a large scale by buying up local water rights and putting fresh water resources into free trade agreements all over the world. At the risk of sounding political, fresh water should be declared a basic human right, not the commercial property of corporations

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    Not to be obtuse, but why?

    If water is "free" to everyone, then no one will have any....well not unless they happen to live adjacent to a fresh water source and even then it's going to cost you something. The truth is that the ability to obtain and distribute fresh water costs something. If there is no profit to be made on an item, it will not be produced. Water is pretty basic to most of what we do, so you're paying for it over and over again, through your taxes, through your water bills, through your energy bills, through the items you consume or even don't consume. I personally want lots of fresh water to be available reliably in adequate quantities for everyone....but that will not happen through magic....it will happen because someone can make a buck off it, be that a multinational corporation, or your local municipality.
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