FA08 - Polk City - Fantasy of Flight - Development update
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Thread: FA08 - Polk City - Fantasy of Flight - Development update

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    FA08 - Polk City - Fantasy of Flight - Development update

    After John Terrell's (Bomber_12th) call to arms on making a better version of Kermit Weeks' "Fantasy of Flight" in FSX, and after my friend Nio proposed my name, I had no choice but to volunteer. I have never been there but the data that John sent me and the stuff I found on line was enough to start. I have read so much about the place and Kermit Weeks that the subject intrigued me enough to jump into it.

    I started from John's initial work, where he had done some corrections and added static planes on the tarmac. Then I started modelling the main building of the site. Now the building is almost complete and I did a first import to FSX, replacing the default one, just to see how it looks. Still some more details to be added on this one (AC units and stuff on the roofs and, if I manage, two flags on the poles) but the major stuff I wanted to achieve, the colours and the reflective windows and entrance sign, seem more or less OK. I will continue with the rest of the buildings and whatever smaller objects I can model. Then I will continue on the rest of the surrounding grounds. A good photoscenery background would really do this place justice but having no previous experience doing that I would appreciate any assistance. I also don't know if any good resolution photos exist for this.

    The following shots show the airport with just the main building replaced. The rest is default FSX (except for the static planes that John had added). The P-51 is John's masterpiece "Twilight Tear" in the "now" version. Thanks John!

    I will post updates as they come along on this thread for anyone interested. Any comments are always welcome:

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    Some more from further away:

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    That is truly looking great!!!!


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    I live 45 miutes from there and you really captured the look and feel!
    Great job!

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    WTG, it's coming along nicely. I'll definitely be adding this when it's ready.

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    It's just incredible the level of detail that Dimus has been incorporating into this project! As Dimus mentions, his work up to this point has been reproducing the main museum complex shown - the water tower and other buildings surrounding Dimus' work, is the crummy old default MS stuff. It is amazing comparing the MS default objects to what Dimus has been able to do - it is night and day difference, not only in detail and clarity, but even drastically different in scale and proportions. Not only are the architectural elements all so perfectly reproduced, but details like the rails and spot lamps atop the hangars, the entrance sign, and various window details, are just brilliant! I have immensely enjoyed watching as Dimus' work has come together to this point, behind the scenes, and I'm always looking forward to that next update!

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    Why are you posting photos of the real building to fool us?

    I had to google to find out what and where this place is about. Too bad I live quite a few states away.

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    Well worth a visit to Kermit's playground if you're down this way....
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    You're doing a great job Dimus! I live only about 8 miles from there if you need any pictures taken. Thanks!

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    Thank you guys! This exercise is a good substitute for actually being there as the chances of this happening for me are very slim. This place looks incredible.

    I appreciate the offers for info. So far I had quite enough photos. However, I realised that I do not have too many closer shots of the rest of the buildings, the two smaller ones south of the main complex. I have a few from overhead that will work for now, but if any of you have any more it would be nice.

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    Really great work Dimus:ernae:
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    Thank you! These will come in handy when I do the white hangar. I had no pics of the back side.

    I have now rearranged the entrance a bit, adding more fencing, an access ramp for the disabled on the left and a couple of benches. I also realised that I have missed the signature of Kermit Weeks below the poetic words on the entrance. Finally I will add a few AC units here and there on the roofs and be done with it.

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    I believe that I was the one who suggested you for this.

    For that I do not apologise.

    Simply great work my friend.



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    Yes, Nio, I'm afraid it's all your fault!

    I don't regret it either, I just hope I will have the energy to get this going and reach some acceptable level of completeness.

    I now completed the main complex to the level of detail I consider enough. As said the main entrance was rearranged slightly, added ramps and the US flag, as well as the FoF flag on the tower. I also added the winged globe shape and other artwork on the center entrance doors towards the ramp side.

    I now intend to move on to the water tower.

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    Just amazing how nice this is shaping up! I particularly like the winged-shaped design elements around the doors leading to the ramp - just as they really are! The detail all around the entrance is also especially great!

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    Here is a nice overhead shot of part the Museum's layout including the water tower.

    Attachment 64789

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    Thank you all for the pics. They all help.

    I added a few more details around the entrance before moving to the water tower:

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    Looking great Dimus!


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    Looks awesome Dimus. Love how you modelled all those art deco details, even the outdoor seating looks a bit art deco.
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    Yep, it seems everything is art deco here, even the seating:

    Attachment 64875

    It is a pleasure modelling everything in this place as there is not one dull object to make. Everything is beautiful. The water tower that I'm now doing is an awesome structure.
    Attachment 64876

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    This has been one of the most fun objects I have modelled and textured in my very short scenery making career:

    The actual one has a beacon on top. Is it possible to include a flashing light on top of an object? Any help would be appreciated.

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    My 2 High schoolers go there every year for a field trip, Ive been there twice and I can tell you that this scenery is spot on. Great job and very well done. :salute:


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