OT: Two beautyfull Ladies at age 75 (pic-heavy)
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Thread: OT: Two beautyfull Ladies at age 75 (pic-heavy)

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    OT: Two beautyfull Ladies at age 75 (pic-heavy)

    Right, today there where two 75th anniversaries at Ober-Mörlen near Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
    Messerschmitt Bf108 D-IBFW, the oldest airworthy Messerschmitt aircraft in the world and Focke Wulf Fw44 Stieglitz D-EMOF both where born in 1937 and celebrated their anniversary today.
    Here's the both anniversaries in bright sunlight fresh off the digital scene catcher. Unfortunately captured with a crappy cheapo cam so forgive me for that.

    As a matter of fact, this today was the largest meeting of flyable Fw44 Stieglitz since WWII with 9 airworthy machines at a single airstrip.
    They took off in formations of three. What a sight, what a sound! Unfortunately it was absolutely pointless to capture any inflight shots with my crappy cam. :-(

    Her sister:

    ....and finally some more birthday guests, a lineup of Bücker Jungmann.....

    One for Francois:

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    EGCD...they bulldozed it!
    They are old but as you say, very beautiful!
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    Okay Mathias, give us the Bf 110 and than the STIEGLITZ. :mixedsmi:

    Nice pics indeed.


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    Beaufitul photos and aircraft, Mathias, and what a great event! It's amazing to see so many Fw 44's all together - I can't wait for the Classics Hangar Stieglitz!

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    What a great set of pictures ! Thank you Mathias.

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    Beautiful indeed . One thing that I am always curious about with the oldies is the question of spar life . Is there such a thing ?

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    oh, very nice!!
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    Wow they look great - thanks for sharing

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    Great pictures, beautiful planes! Thanks.

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    I had the opportunity to fly on board Aer Lingus' 1936 DH 84a Dragon (Iolar/Eagle) a couple of weeks ago....a 76 year old beauty. She's immaculately maintained by her crew..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yossarian1943 View Post
    Okay Mathias, give us the Bf 110 and than the STIEGLITZ. :mixedsmi:

    Nice pics indeed.


    Stuka, Bf-110 and after the STIEGLITZ :salute:

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    Mathias, fps was ok? Only external like in Zero and P-40 or with interior too?
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    Quote Originally Posted by YoYo View Post
    Mathias, fps was ok? Only external like in Zero and P-40 or with interior too?
    LOL, performance was great and smooth as silk, not the slidest stutter!
    All aircraft came with full interiors modelled to real life specs.
    Little downside, auto-generated weather was a bit boring with almost no clouds at the sky.


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    You got a proper look in the 'pits? That's what I call a proper airshow!
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    Jupp, got the chance to climb all over the Bf108 and Fw44 and also over the EADS Bf108 with it's modern, imperial instrumentation.
    I made photos of every corner of the cockpits, I even photographed the underside of the seats from all angles, no joke.
    That's the benefit of an invitation only none public show. :-)

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