Hey all,

For those that wish to go flying online 'here' at the SOH dot net Flight Server (our own flight rooms), you can use FSHostClient with P3D to fly in our server rooms.

You can download the FSHostClient program here

When you have the system downloaded, do the following;

* Bootup Prepar3D, get to your airport desired, do not get on the runway, but off to the side somewhere so you do not boot up in front or on top of someone.
* Make sure you are in 'Windows' view mode in Prepar3D, not full screen. Select View and untick Full Screen. In Windows, you can Maximize the view.
* Turn on FSHostClient
* Enter www.sim-outhouse.net (note, the dot-net) and there, click the 'search IP....' button. 4 or 5 rooms should appear in the menu selection window, select a flight room
* A window will not pop up that is a mini chat window. You can adjust its size. It will remain on top during the flight. You can minimize it, but you cannot see people talking to you, which is the purpose behind multiplayer flights.
* To talk, hit ENTER key and your cursor will become active in the type screen (sort of like texting). Type something, hit ENTER again and your message is transmitted to other pilots and your controls in the sim are back.

NOTE: If you do not hit ENTER and start typing away, you are typing in keyboard controls/settings for your sim, so you are warned, lol. It can be embarrasing to suddenly go into Slew, Pause, flaps down, gears up, auto pilot ON, etc, etc, from one sentence of typing. Hit ENTER to text, ENTER again to send and resume flying keyboard controls.

NOTE2: If your friends of family only have FS9 or FSX, you can still fly with them online with the FSHostClient. They need it too, just have them download the client program, follow the above directions and bing, go flying with them.

It works great and is good fun.

Please fly with respect to others. NO BUZZING PEOPLE! We are grown up pilots, not children. If you want to mess with people, there are plenty of other sites for kids to hang out at.

Happy flying...