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    Aircraft Recycling

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    It truly is, on a basic level, difficult to watch any airplane be destroyed intentionally. Especially so when it is done in such an apparenty calous and brutal manner. Not as bad as, say, watching a crash. But if you consider it on an intellectual level it makes perfect sense to use these aircraft productively, rather than to have them just sit out in the desert forever. Recycling is a good thing for any product that has come to the end of it's useful life. But on a visceral level? That's another thing all together.

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    Watching a video like this creates a flashback to immediate post WWII,...where all those wonderful fighters and bombers met their final fate. I like to think the aluminum siding on my garage just might be parts of a Grumman F6F, or a Republic P-47. :salute:
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    We had the same happen here in New Zealand......2 or 3 planes were saved in the early 60's, but otherwise.........

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    Many of these aircraft must be destroyed by treaty, and must be done out in the open so that it can be verified via satellite image.

    Many more are not destroyed but are merely in cold (hot?) storage and can be brought up to flying standard relatively quickly.

    They are also sold as part of the overseas military sales program.
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