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Thread: VTP excludes for CFS2

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    VTP excludes for CFS2

    Currently doing a revamp of the Carolines Islands for CFS 2

    Works great in a "Rhumba World" install, but trying to improve it's usefulness by excluding the stock VTPs using EXCL8 v2, following a suggestion from Jean Bomber.

    I created excludes for layers 8, 16 & 32.

    The excludes work great, removing the coastlines, but the stock rivers on large islands like Ponape remain:isadizzy:

    Any suggestions? Is it as simple as creating excludes for all the VTP layers (8 to 32)?

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    OK, I think I got it to work:

    I had some old layer notes about earlier FS terrain

    Dan Hamblin layer notes for airports
    Layer Number What is it for?
    4 Ground, seed
    8 Ground Polygons
    12 Rivers
    16 Roads
    20 Lines, Taxiways
    24 Runways and Taxiways
    28 Mountains

    so I ran excl8 again, choosing to exclude all the programme defaults (layers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), plus every +4 after (layers 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 & 32). That seems to have worked.

    Now, on to relocating/ replacing some airbases ...

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