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Thread: Buzz Bee 2012 Cape to Cape

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    Buzz Bee 2012 Cape to Cape

    Departing ENHF for ENKJ in Spartan 7W with Active Sky Weather
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departing ENKJ to EDDF Frankfurt Main
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Safe landing EDDF - Ahead of my estimate Attachment 62674Attachment 62675
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departing EDDF to LSMI - Handflying
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departing LSMI to LIPB - Hand flying and staying under 12,000 foot ceiling.
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Down safe at LIPB - Hand flown leg between LSMI to LIPB

    2.0 hour bonus for landing at LIPB
    15 Minute Bonus for flying from LSMI to LIPB
    15 Minute Bonus for hand flying leg under 12,000 foot ceiling
    15 Minute Bonus handflying from LSMI to any designated fuel stop (LIPB is on the list)
    Attachment 62779Attachment 62780
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departing LIPB to LIML - Hand Flying
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Down Safe LIML - 15 Minute Hand Flying Bonus

    Attachment 62783

    Attachment 62784
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Just to clarify for the next pilot, Buzz.

    From the FAQ:
    Q. How do these extra Alpine hand-flying bonuses work?
    A. You earn 15 minutes for hand-flying from one of the designated fuel stops to either Interlaken or Bolzano (LSMI or LIPB). You earn another 15 minutes hand-flying from LSMI or LIPB to a designated fuel stop. And you earn 15 minutes for hand-flying the connection between LSMI and LIPB in either direction. In each case, you must tick the "disable autopilot" box in the Duenna.

    The entry and exit from Switzerland require hand-flying. You may minimally satisfy that requirement by landing in nearby France and scooting over to Interlaken and back. However, you earn the 15 minute bonuses only by connecting with designated fuel stops (say Marseille, Lyon, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt, Prague, or more distant airports).

    Note that a decision to stop at Bolzano involves several considerations and may change your strategic approach. Minimally, this will mean more hand-flying of Golden Age aircraft. And you will have to consider how to handle the Alps.

    By the way, you earn only one award for each of these bonus definitions. (If you think otherwise, Miss Nellie will shake her head in sad amusement.)
    You did earn the full bonus, Buzz. Well done.

    15 min for EDDF-LSMI (Handflying from a fuel stop to LSMI)
    2 hrs for landing at LIPB
    15 min for LSMI-LIPB (Handflying the connection between LSIM and LIPB)
    15 min for LSMI-LIPB (Under 12,000 bonus ceiling)
    15 min for LIPB-LIML (Handflying from LIPB to a fuel stop)

    Note that a pilot does not double count a bonus for handflying the LSMI-LIPB leg. (A pilot gets 15 minutes for connecting the two airports, but not another 15 minutes for handflying to another fuel stop.) In this case Buzz gets the full available bonus by handflying from LIPB to LIML.

    The total available bonus for the Alpine portion of the event is 3.0 hours.

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    Thanks for clarifying. Missed that pertinent "or"
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Nice run so far Buzz. Tough act to follow.

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    She was a the beautiful daughter of Milan Industrialist. How could I resist. Forget the race, I thought, you'll never have another opportunity like this one again. Alas, her father did not agree and she turned out not to be all that I thought.

    Time to get back under way.
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Underway LIML - LFML -
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departing LMFL to DAOR with 200 pounds of mail.
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Barely made it to DOAR - Darned headwinds most of the way and fairly stiff ones at that, All in all a good leg.

    .Attachment 64395
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departed DAOR to DAUA - DedReckoning
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Down at DAUA - Little tricky as I was a little off course and almost flew on by. Luckily I caught sight of the road and followed it in.Attachment 64481

    Attachment 64482
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departing DAUA to GAGO DedReckoning.
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Amending my flight plan. Pusing on to DRRN. Found the Niger river, but circled a few times and got my bearing ( I hope) I believe I am closer to DRRN than I believe.
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Down safe at DRRN - Close on fuel but I made it.

    Attachment 65232

    Attachment 65233
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Departed DRRN to FKKD
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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    Aborting my leg to attend to real world concerns. Will re-fly it later when I am not going to be interrupted.
    Buzzbee - TeamAVSIM

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