Snoopy's run to Capetown!!
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Thread: Snoopy's run to Capetown!!

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    Cool Snoopy's run to Capetown!!

    Taking off into the overcast skies at 930am local time, Snoopy and his black Spartan Executive aircraft flew off into the unknown. Headed for Stokholm (ESSB), he is expected to arrive around lunch time with any luck.

    Leg #1
    ENHF (Hammerfest, Norway) to ESSB (Stokholm, Sweden)
    MS Real Weather permitting.

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    Snoopy is MISSING!!!!

    After an exhaustive search Snoopy is found!!! Claiming engine failure..he was forced to ditch in a field of peet moss and the plane is irrepairable.
    He claims to return to Hammerfest and start again in his backup aircraft, a white Grumman Goose.

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    Snoopy is Off again, weather permitting Hammerfest to ESSB

    Snoopy is off into the sky was perfect this morning as he began his flight to Stockholm, Sweden. Taking the appropriate penalty from race officials for littering the landscape with his previous aircraft, he took off at dawn. As reported he as landed at ESSB and is looking to continue while the weather is good. Attachment 63241 Attachment 63242

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    Setting off to Frankfurt!!

    Off to Frankfurt this morning..hopefully the advance team will save some beer.

    ESSB to EDDF


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    HELLO to Frankfurt!!!

    Arrived safely at Frankfurt, but the Gestapo wants to question me so I better hurry up and refuel. Otherwise it may be tomorrow before I head off to lovely Switzerland.

    Attachment 63344Attachment 63343

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    Happy Trails Snoopy!

    You and the Goose on the loose ... looking good mate.

    Fare Well Southbound

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