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    Save Plymouth Airport

    Hi guys,

    Some of you may well know that Plymouth City Airport closed last Decemeber under a money scandal.

    The airport was being run down to the ground by a property development company whos intention was to soley use the land for housing, airlinks where cut, fuel and landing prices where increased and a city this size must have an airport.

    Can I ask that you follow the group on Facebook and sign our e-petition? You may well need to be a UK Citizen but any help on social networks is appreciated, please pass it around, I'm looking for your support.

    Thanks to anyone that helps, it all makes a difference.

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    I wil bee sure to link into that. Unfortunately at times members of a community will become very shortsighted regards things like airports. They will forget their intrinsic value in the face of immediate issues or costs and once gone, they are not brought back. This is an issue here in states also.

    Here in Florida we are constantly reminded how valuable these facilities are, especially in the aftermath of natural disaster, yet still . . . . .
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    I highly doubt it'll be saved, "lost cause" comes to mind, if they want it for houseing, it'll be used for houseing, specialy if a property developer owns it. As its not exactly a major airport takeing tourists to france/spain etc. Also an airport looks a lot worse on the local councils "energy report" than a lot of new houseing.
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    [QUOTE=ATR43;700755]Hi guys,

    You may well need to be a UK Citizen QUOTE]

    You don't have to be, I signed it. I also signed one some months back over the UK pension fiasco, not that it did any good.

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