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    Free Ford Tri-Motor Scenery

    Hi Good People,
    Just a quick note to let you know that the people on the FS2004 Ford Tri-Motor Project have released some new scenery.

    The scenery package is for the Ford Airport aircraft factory circa 1930's - in Dearborn MI - it has been rendered as close as possible to the historical field and endeavours to capture the essence of the period.

    Attachment 61772
    This scenery includes many unique models developed specifically for the Project - many of them by the renowned expert model builder Sidney Schwartz. Sid graciously gifted his time and effort to the project and made some outstanding historical models for this unique period in aviation history.

    This scenery pack, and all of the other stuff at, is free for FS2004 simmers to enjoy a slice of history that was a fundamental period in aviation.

    For those that want a closer look at the details of the Ford Airport project - below is a link to a slideshow:

    While your at the Ford Tri-Motor site - if you feel like a bit of relaxation - check out the Puzzles Page - over 30 Jigsaw puzzles to keep you entertain.
    Attachment 61774

    Well that is all from the Ford Tri-Motor Project Team - happy simming and enjoy the freebies available on the site.
    Visit the site anytime -


    Garry J. Smith & Ed Moore
    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    Thank you! Downloaded, installed, waiting for FS9 to reboot.

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    Actually, have one small issue with the scenery: it installs about eight miles west of the actual historic location of Dearborn Airport. The old airport was located at the site of the current Ford test track (right across the street from the Henry Ford Museum) in Dearborn, while the airport location in FS9 is east of Woodward in the neighborhood of McDougall Hunt, about a half-mile north of Belle Isle. This also puts it about three miles southwest of KDET. Being very familiar with the area, I thought something was amiss before I took off when the Detroit skyline was in the wrong place and way too close.

    Other than that, FANTASTIC. Gorgeous scenery with lots of eye candy. A winner!

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    Hi Mate,

    Yes, unfortunately geographically slightly out of place - I searched the Flight Sim area extensively and had to choose a place that could best fit the airport and best integrate the new scenery into the existing scenery. Particularly taking into account the placement of the main highway through the scenery as transparently as possible. Basically had to trade off the existing scenery placement to best fit and suit the existing scenery.

    Knew I would be off homeplate but hoped it was not too far off - I simply gave priority to visually integrating the scenery into the city area that exist in FS2004 - with as little impact as possible - hard thing to do mixing a now imaginary airport into a great big mass of autogen city scenery.

    The aim was to have the look and feel of the era and hopefully add an environment that is entertainment for simmers.

    Regards and thanks for your comments - good to know that your enjoying the project.
    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    Love it anyway. Currently flying from there to the included CYKF in a Ju-52 -- at least it's still a corrugated trimotor. I think I might have found a new base of operations.

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    A FS2004(FSX) GCAT would be a real ringer as well


    Attachment 61781Attachment 61782

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    Remarkable strides Gentlemen - Bravo!

    This is the way forward for FS, both 9 and X.

    There is simply so much to be done.

    Microsoft's greatest gift to our wonderful community, was the creation of products with so much developmental potential.
    The potential is staring us all in the face, it is up to us to make good use of it.

    So many remarkable objectives can be accomplished with the creative and adventurous spirit admirably displayed in this entire project.

    Bravo Gentlemen.
    Most men often say what they think!
    An honest man usually means what he says!
    A gentleman always says what he means!

    "Αίεν Υψικρατείν "

    A fool is not he who asks a simple question, but he who would simply have its asking denied. (Richards 2012)

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    Thank you Garry and Ed,

    I'm going to have to check it out this weekend, by the way I enjoyed your Ford Tri-Motor site as well!


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    Garry & Team,
    Thanks for this scenery. Great job and keep 'em coming!

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    "BONE YARD" Gulf Coast Fla.

    "Gonna Take A Sentimental Journey"....Very nice!.......Almost a Historical View of what was!.....In FS9 Great!!.thanx To all for this!......Definitely a "FORD" in yer future!!

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    Greetings and many thanks for this wonderful scenery, from a Detroit (or Detroit-area) native. Brings back many things my father told me about Detroit in the 20s and 30s. I used to work for CSX railroad in the Michigan Division, Detroit District. One of our yards was located in Wayne, MI, right next door to the former Gar Wood factory where semi trailers used to be made. Part of the facility was devoted to the construction of his racing hydroplanes as well. Before Wood owned it, it belonged to the Stinson Aircraft Company and many an airplane rolled out of that plant and first took to the air at that site. Wonder if someone could model that?

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    Looks like a must have! Awesome looking scenery. I'll be getting this.

    I need to convert the FSX Pasped Skylark to FS9 format so I can check it out properly.

    Humble Poly bender and warrior of Vertices

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    Glad you are enjoying the Ford Factory scenery - culmination of lots of hard work by Ed, Sid and myself. I have tinkered this weekend with some more model building and have created a Blimp Hangar, big bugger, to hold the Ford Blimp - revamped the Ford Blimp Night Textures as I was not happy with them and put the blimp hangar in situ near the current blimp and army camp - rescaled the Nissan huts and a general re-org of the area.

    Preview Pictures below - it will be release a little later as a quick and easy update to the Ford Factory Scenery

    Attachment 61826Attachment 61827
    Garry J. Smith - Graphic Tinkerer

    Project Site - --- Mike Stones Aircraft -
    Home Site - -------------Milton Shupe and Team Aircraft -

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    Spent an enjoyable while last night driving around the airfield in Piglet's LRDG Chevy (the only "period" ground vehicle I have), looking at the sights. There are so many little things here and there that it's fun just for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionheart View Post
    I need to convert the FSX Pasped Skylark to FS9 format so I can check it out properly.

    Yes please!! That Victory looks sweet too :d Still need to pick up a couple of your others, fell behind for a while, the Avelina and the other sportster thing.

    Gary, the scenery looks great, going to get this installed in GW as soon as I finish some beta testing (sorry for the delay on that, gremlins are afoot)

    many thanks,

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    Great scenery. Looking ahead, I hope you will add some Far Eastern airfields like Bangkok and Rangoon with your planned Singapore airport. No Golden Age scenery has been made for that area.

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    Great idea Bangkok & Rangoon. Take care.


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    More NEW Scenery for FORDs!!!

    Opps, I was not correct! Try Singapore, Egypt, Hoover & another update for Dearborn!!! UP on the site now, I think.....stay tuned, same Bat channel, same Bat time. Click here:

    Take care.


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