Ok.. I had to join in.. Purchased ME3 online just now.. The download has begun. :S

I have played ME2 quite a bit, so I can only figure this will be far more intense. 10 Gigs though, so I am sure I will not get any online time in tonight, as its already 10pm.

I hope everyone is well. I have been doing daily flights at night in X3TC. I do not have AB yet. Hopefully soon. I had a furball with perhaps 12 Xenon tonight and was blown out of the sky (ramming a big fighter after taking 2 of them down). They were all clustered around their Q ship, lol... Cowards.

I'll find them. I'll rebalance the score.

I hope everyone is well and that the white powder hasnt fully taken over the land of Mike so that he can soon again one day communicate with us once again. (Hello Mike up there on the Hoth world).

Bill on Tatooine... World of dust. Lots and lots of dust.