Just Achieved a very Prestigious Award
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Thread: Just Achieved a very Prestigious Award

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    Just Achieved a very Prestigious Award

    Promise not to laugh too hard . After 13 Crashes and 63 stalls . Most(crashes) were getting through Stearman Landing Missions# 5 & 6 which I have now passed finally .I really did notice when I looked in my Awards section MS had awarded me the "Careless" award I have retired back to the hanger to throw down a few and try later this evening .Rich

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    Funny one... can we laugh "with you" rather then "at you"?

    Enjoy the beers in the hanger. :ernae:

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    Good thing Flight does not charge by the plane.....lol. Enjoyed your story!


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    Try the landing challenges yourself (5 and 6) and you wont be laughing AT him! They aint easy thats for sure!
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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