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    Cargo Haulers

    Putting floats on the Avia 56 got me thinking about all the cargo haulers I've done.

    This particular one stands out because we had so much fun doing it. Yea, dirtied up, busted out gauges, commercial freight, hand drawn maps, FSNav flight plans, and just a whole lot of fun.

    This release ended up with a nice developer's award and strangely, I had it in the back of the hanger where it used to stay.

    The "Hanger Queen" LOL

    If you are interested in just having some fun running small time cargo routes, give it a try:

    It's a little dated, but just as much fun as always. She's a great hand flyer, easy to operate, TO/Land/and navigate, even with the busted out gauges. :-)

    Oh yeah, there are 3 aircraft in the package, two dirty, one clean. :-)

    If you have any favorite cargo haulers of this class, share them with us.
    Milton Shupe
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    Nice plane, Milt! Especially the dirty one, looks "seasoned". It would be a great addition to my Cargo Pilot fleet. I'm going to have to download it when I got on my computer

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    That's another of my favorites

    Thanks Milton.


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    That beat up, dirty, rusty one is my absolute favorite, and I fly it all the time, I've had it since it came out I think. Thanks, Milton and Crew!

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    Quite nice, really. I really enjoy this bird for the bush-style flying. Performs brilliantly!
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    Not as dirty as Milton's, but here's mine. Milton's Beech 18 cargo variant with my own touches.

    Exterior - Cabin door off of one aircraft, cargo door off of another. Left vertical stabilizer off of I think a Delta Twin Beech, the right one from a Piedmont. Engine cowlings courtesy of American Airlines. I hit a telephone pole with the right wingtip and replaced it with one from yet another Beech 18.

    Cargo - various crates and boxes labeled with Merc Air shipping labels. Big crate marked "Nitroglycerine" comes in handy. Customs agents don't even want to be on the aircraft with it, let alone open it up to see what's inside.

    My default aircraft, the "Nitro Express"
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