MS Flight is released !!
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Thread: MS Flight is released !!

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    Wink MS Flight is released !!

    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
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    Yep. Flight is released in the UK a little early. They can download it from this link.
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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    If any one is interested US download...

    "Time is God's way of keeping everything from happening at once"

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    Ok. Got it. Installed it. Have the live account.
    First impressions are so-so. Still getting used to it.
    The Icon and Stearman flight models are very basic. Simple to fly.
    The scenery looks a bit cartoonish form the air, but not too bad, better on the ground.
    The water is really good. Much better than FSX.

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    The Stearman and Icon are simple aircraft by there nature, so they should be simple to fly. The RV-6 and Maule are MUCH more complex. Its a question of if its worth 15-20$ to find out if its complex enough for your liking. Skip the P-51. Thats the best advice I can give. Pass it on.
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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    If MS release an SDK for this, would someone be good enough to let us all know? Thank you, and I'll look at it then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hairyspin View Post
    If MS release an SDK for this, would someone be good enough to let us all know? Thank you, and I'll look at it then.
    No They dont.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hairyspin View Post
    If MS release an SDK for this, would someone be good enough to let us all know? Thank you, and I'll look at it then.

    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    Retired - FSAddon Publishing
    Umbria, Italy

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    Sadly there is no released SDK, and I have a feeling there wont be at least for some time.
    Kevin "Gibbage" Miller

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francois View Post
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Downloaded Flight last night, set it up with all my controls X52, Yoke and Pedals etc,
    completed the two missions and then flew free flight for about one hour around the Island in the A5 and the Stearman.

    I think the graphics are poor compared to what has been acheived in FSX, spray effect when landing on water is very good
    but overall the water is too reflective and bright. The land looks as stated by someone else to be a bit cartoonish!!! and trees
    in the distance are a bit shimmery, not at all like I thought it would be.

    This is not a Simulation! not the ultimate we were led to believe, it's only yet another money spinning Game for Microsoft.

    I now have that same old bad taste in my mouth that you get when you have been led up the garden path yet again by you know who,
    only to find it's full of weeds and Bull S**t as alwaysl !!!!

    It has now been removed from my computer and it will not be returned, I can see years of enjoyment ahead with FSX and the work acheived by the
    devs in the last twelve months alone has been amazing , the graphics are now superb and well worth the money we pay.

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    I'm apparently not allowed anymore to write 'told you so'.

    Oops... now look what I've done !
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    Retired - FSAddon Publishing
    Umbria, Italy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francois View Post
    I'm apparently not allowed anymore to write 'told you so'.

    Oops... now look what I've done !

    I've been saying it all along too.....I've even been chastized about my unkind words.......its a game and thats all it is. If I want a game/sim I'll go with DCS.

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    I played it all of 15 minutes this morning. Not enough to give it a fair shake. I'll mess around with it some more tonight.

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    Now DCS.... there's something else..... at least their combatsims are complex enough to keep one busy for quite some time !
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    Retired - FSAddon Publishing
    Umbria, Italy

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    Nice Game !! Always wanted to learn how to fly and now i finally can. What a great idea! Thanks MS !!

    Yep, it's a game alright and of course it's not free... It's all about money, ain't a damn thing funny ( now who said that again... ) MS has never been known for catching flies, have they . I bought the game for 50 bucks, all Hawaii Islands, Van's RV-6A, Maule M-7 included, next to the Icon A-5 and Stearman.

    As it's a game, nuthing to do with FSX or anything like that, i play it as a game and as such have quite a lotta fun with it. Much more than with AeroflyFS f.i., which is also a game and costs more. Overall MSFlight looks good, feels good, aircraft models look quite nice, VC's look superb even and are clickable something which cannot be said with most other 'flying games' .

    Scenery looks pretty nice too and no worries about fps for once. Setting up Hawaii Islands as the main playground they could have, no, should have provided much better looking water. This looks nothing more than a bubbly piece of blue plastic.

    The Activities are very challenging and fun. If not for the rediculous way of getting a Windows Life Game account ( i have a Windows Life account but that seemed not good enough.... ) which cost me an hour of aggrevation and about to throw the towel into the ring, i don't have much to complain about really. I mean, i've got FSX with all bells ringing happily to go flightsimming, haven't i.

    If these Flight dev boys might be able to throw in a Beaver or Otter ( radial please, don't want no stinking turbine ) or even a DC-3 and some other areas to fly in i could be having fun with this for a long time to come.

    My 50 bucks only, of course. :mixedsmi:


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    I am chuckling out loud as I read about MS Flight in all the forums.

    What I do is replace the word "Flight" with "FSX", and the word "FSX" with "FS2004", in the right context of course.

    Now FSX is not the NEW software that you can't be seen without!
    It is 5 YEARS OLD

    And it will have to compete with its 8-year-old sibling, which is just getting better and better with the years.
    And runs, smooth as butter, on a machine that can cost maybe half of the FSX beast!
    And has a zillion addons, mostly free, that probably will never be caught up with.

    I love my FS9.5 installation, and might or might not download the free upstart, makes no difference to my flightsim world.

    And I am chuckling, out loud...

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    Too funny Jan. Gosh, I wish I had time to play....... oh wait.. I'm on my way out to our yearly ski vacation !
    François A. 'Navman' Dumas
    Retired - FSAddon Publishing
    Umbria, Italy

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    A couple of questions ?

    So far , just have the basic install . For those of you that have any addons , a couple of questions . Are there any other changes other than the additional Islands and the more complicated AC ? I know just flying the Stearman around the Big Island is fun and the ground textures are very good but I just can't get over the fact there are no planes parked at the gates(Hilo) and I didn't see any GA(Static) parked at a couple of the smaller fields and diffinately no AI in the air . Hard to get use to that . Love FSX and still have FS9 with CalClassics AI and tons of WWll fields and(especially Europe) that Ian , Huub and others have done.
    I will certainly keep MS Flight as I am a huge Hawaii fan . FSX is excellent with MegaScenery X Hawaii and alot of photo scenery and airports made for the Hawaii Islands . I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm close to adding the other Islands to flights and maybe the Maule because in my opinion Flight's terrain and textures are excellent and it's really nice to be able to crank everything to MAX on my Q9560 OC'd to 3.6 and a 560ti 1 gig card and get good fps's .

    Bottom line : Have fun ! If you don't like it , get rid of it . It costs you nothing .


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    2nd star to the see that old torino?..ask there
    AFAIK the only AI you´re going to see it´s the 16 (no more) other Fligth´sters online in windows live multiplayer server, as the multiplayer server( or code in the game) wont allow more than 16 souls EACH TIME.
    3rd party devs? non existent in this game, freeware nor payware, unless of course you´re talking about the MS boys, who most definitely,are not freeware.
    I would like to post, what a serious gamer told me TODAY (and he even works in the gaming industry):

    it's a simulator alright
    it's just boring
    to paraphrase homer simpson:

    And he is the "target market" under who ever it was, "vision"..

    Best regards


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    Played the basic game for an hour today today <yawn> I've been spoiled by FSX I guess. Who on earth is going to stick with this and lay out money in the hope that it's going to get better ?

    I shall go back to it out of curiosity when I have nothing better to do. If anyone finds out how to raise the undercarriage on the Icon please let me know.


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    Time will tell.
    I distinctly remember the huge amount of FS2004 "naysayers" to FSX (when it was first released) & now look where FSX is at :mixedsmi:

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobmay View Post
    If anyone finds out how to raise the undercarriage on the Icon please let me know.

    The red "B" button on your xbox controller!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prowler1111 View Post
    it's a simulator alright
    Not true. It's a gamulator, it won't go any further than that.

    it's just boring
    Not true. Watching your FSX 737NGX do all the flying from KJFK to KLAX at FL350, now that's boring. But that's a simulator alright.

    This old geezer, sitting next to you, teaches you to fly his homebuild RV-6 and has you flying underneath a bridge and following a ravine at 200 feet at your first try already. If you manage to survive you'll be asked to take up a photographer to shoot pics of the smaller airstrips around Oahu and land on some of the almost impossible ones. I wouldn't call that bo-ring at all. The audio during these activities is actually very well done. Makes up for the lack of ATC and AI pretty much i'd say.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cratermaker View Post
    The red "B" button on your xbox controller!

    @ Bob : just press 'G' on your keyboard. Works for me.


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