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Thread: Screenshots!

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    All those Spit shots look terric, the coast is great, had no idea of the training colours used and yep that prop is like the real polygons at all. Much thanks.

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    I've been playing around with some heavy weather textures, probably way over the top, the aircraft would have more than likely not lasted long enough, or not been allowed to get this bad bad, but it can be toned down!

    (DR/ MAW/ ETO/ PTO Textures)

    Keep it coming!

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    That poor Spitfire! I wonder if some didn't end up looking like that after an extended career with an OTU? And those exhausts look really good BTW.

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    Did you dig up one of the ones they buried in Burma during the war?
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    With aircraft this good, that crappy pilot model in the cockpit is really starting to hurt my eyes!

    (And it's weird because the pilot textures themselves don't seem too bad. I once tried to alter one of the pilots that came with the CFS3 gamepack but my modeling skills still aren't up to organical stuff. Any takers?)

    ACC Member, ETO and PTO contributor & librarian

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    I agree Joost CFS3 has been crying out for a good pilot model for a long time, the one in the shots is Clive's effort, which is very good compared to stock, it's the only pilot I use now because at least he has the oxy mask modelled. It's always narked me why a combat sim had pilots without oxy masks!

    I don't know Dan, it's possible?

    Lol yea Andy it does look like it's been dug up from somewhere!
    (DR/ MAW/ ETO/ PTO Textures)

    Keep it coming!

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    Possible to make a new pilot model? No idea. I assume the reason nobody has done it is that the sdk didn't give any info on how to set one up. I guess you could try digging through one of the m3ds with a hex editor looking for part names to use in a new model to get the guy animated, but I don't know beyond that. I agree, the stock pilot models could certainly use an overhaul were it possible.

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    Always such beautiful shots ! My favorite WWII aircraft...

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