Could someone take a look at these specs for me.
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Thread: Could someone take a look at these specs for me.

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    Could someone take a look at these specs for me.

    Is there anything in this list of parts that I should reconsider or change?

    - Intel® Core™ i7-3960X Processor Extreme Edition (15M Cache, 3.30 GHz)

    - Asus P9X79 PRO Desktop Motherboard
    - DHX Pro Connector — 1.5V 16GB Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CMT16GX3M4X2133C9)
    - 2TB WD Black Edition 7200 RPM, 6 GB/s, 64MB Cache
    - Hydro Series™ H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
    - Cooler Master HAF 932 Advance Full Tower #RC-932-KKN5-GP Case
    - GV-N580UD-3GI GeForce GTX 580 3GB
    - Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    - 1000w power supply (undertermined, open to suggestions)

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    I'm not the tech guru of years gone by, but I'll offer a few, short thoughts.

    1. Nice specs overall!

    2. I was planning to build a new system once I moved last year, but put it on hold for a short while. When looking to build I always start with the PSU, as you need good, solid power to a top-tier system. And if the PSU ate more out of my budget than I initially thought I would make concessions elsewhere.

    3. Along with the PSU, a good battery backup could be worthwhile. A few times I have had power go off and the backup gave me enough time to shut things down properly. Maybe it's not a necessity, but it's nice to have that "Insurance" just in case.

    4. I held off my build pending the release of Intel's new Ivy Bridge and the mobos that will support it. Yes, people will say that you're always chasing the new tech, but it's not just the new CPU that will come out that appeals to me. New mobos will have a PCI-E 3.0 slot, whereas current is 2.0. This should translate to better throughput between the graphics sub-system and the rest of the components. Or at least I'm counting on it?

    The little I've seen so far suggests a 10% increase in speed for Ivy Bridge. There may be more data out there. That didn't address adding in a dedicated GPU, which both ATi and nVidia are planning to release. So I'm hoping for maybe a 20% system increase vs. current tech? With speculated prices being at the same level as current hardware I am willing to wait and see how this plays out.

    If you're looking to buy now, I'd just suggest finalizing #2 and possibly #3. And don't forget a good thermal paste!

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