Some Screenshots
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Thread: Some Screenshots

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    Some Screenshots

    Here are a few screenshots I have been meaning to share for a while, from various flights with various variants of the P-51D.

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    pure beauty!!!

    John did you ever complete the Preddy bird with full invasion stripes?

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    I'm sorry John, I haven't gotten around to it, but thank you for reminding me!

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    Here's a few more that I'm not sure I posted:

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    just lovely
    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    Brilliant shots of a brilliant aircraft.
    Now, about the Allison powered versions?..........................
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Absolutely stunning shots! After watching Red Tails, gotta get me a Mustang very soon. Though might wait for the A2A variant or DCS. BTW, if you haven't seen Red Tails yet, it was ok, not what I expected associated with George Lucas, though it would seem his name or company was more at testament to the many special effects throughout the movie which were fantastic.


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    I never get board of the Mustang version from Warbirdsim.

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    John....if you are using shade...what theme are you using and also what visibility distance are you using? I love the shadows you are getting on the aircraft in flight.

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    Beautiful John!

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    Thank you all for your comments and compliments regarding the screenshots!

    I don't use shade, or any of the other similar software (it might lead to false conclusions if trying to advertise products that way). I do use a set of sky and cloud textures from REX, but I have kept the default FSX shaders in place (as many times with an REX installation, it seems to really mute-out/dull-down the default FSX shading/lighting). So what you see is basically stock FSX and stock FSX shaders, with sky and clouds from REX, and photo scenery of England being the VFR Gen X scenery.

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    awesome shots!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bomber_12th View Post
    Here are a few screenshots I have been meaning to share for a while, from various flights with various variants of the P-51D.

    What P-51 model is this with no vertical fin strake and still the bubble canopy?

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    P-51D-5 I'm guessing. Early production Ds didn't have the strake. I'm sure John will comment this when sees it with much more detail.

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    When my memory is still correct, I think it is the P-51 D-5-NA, one of the earliest versions of the D version.


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    Why do all these awesome shots have a crappy photobucket watermark on them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejoiner View Post
    Why do all these awesome shots have a crappy photobucket watermark on them?
    Because Photobucket is no longer free and if a Photobucket user does not want to pay annual fees, then the user's screenshots will have permanent Photobucket watermark.



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    It's a Photobucket issue that they themselves are responsible for, ever since they began charging for the use of their services. For any images still hosted by them through non paid-for accounts, they've slapped their watermark on them. For the last few years I've been using Flickr instead (though now I'm paying for that service, rather than Photobucket).

    Edit: Just as Aharon states above. ; )

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    I use and still am posting for free. Though I am not opposed to paying for a service I use regularly.

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    How come I don't see a watermark?

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