Practice to commence January 7th at 00:01 UTC (Jan 6th at 19:01 EST).
Practice Objective... The basics Flying, landing, posting, and baton transfers.

All General and Charter RTWR rules apply except where noted below.

Practice Routing Rules Start and end
Requirements Full stop landing at each airport
Two stops below 40S Latitude 500 nm apart Two stops above 65N Latitude 500 nm apart Bonus airports
If you land at a bonus airport follow the instructions in the hideout to generate the random bonus. Post the bonus time with your Duenna.
Mandatory Defaults (1 flight req'd in each)
[LINESTRIKE]Vickers Vimmy[/LINESTRIKE], Ryan Spirt of St Louis, de Havilland dh88 Comet, Curtis JN-4D Jenny, and[LINESTRIKE] AirCreation Trike[/LINESTRIKE]** - 25nm.

[LINESTRIKE]Piper Cub*[/LINESTRIKE], Lockheed Vega, and[LINESTRIKE] Ford Trimotor[/LINESTRIKE] - 50nm

[LINESTRIKE]Cessna 172/182/208, Extra 300, and Money Bravo[/LINESTRIKE] - 100nm

[LINESTRIKE]Douglas DC3, Beechcraft Baron 58, King Air 350, Maule M7-260C[/LINESTRIKE]**,[LINESTRIKE] Grumman Goose**, de Havilland Beaver**[/LINESTRIKE] - 150nm
* Normal modified FM allowed ** FSX Default Aircraft

Normal leg
750 nm max no time limit Legal jets may be used on any normal leg
Wild card legs
1850 nm max no time limit Helicopter Requirement 150 nm in total, no limit to the number of legs to achieve the total Each Pilot gets three wildcard legs. One each for piston, turbo prop and jet aircraft.
There are no corridors