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    FS9 port overs

    Greetings and Happy Holidays!!!! I was just wondering if there was any way to port over any aircraft from fs9 to fsx, I.E. A program or way to do so?
    just one of my strange moments wondering,What if. LOL

    Ant input on this would be great, Thank you Fellow Flight simmers!!! :salute::salute::salute::salute::salute:

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    That's really a loaded question as there have been volumes written here in the forums on every possible variation. Here's my "down and dirty" take on it:
    Most FS9 aircraft can be ported to FSX because all the word "porting" implies in it's purest form, is taking all the folders related to a particular aircraft as it relates to FS9 and dragging them over to the FSX equivalents. The one exception being that in FS9 you have a folder called "Aircraft" and in FSX it's called SimObjects with a sub folder called "Airplanes".

    Now, once you've done that and loaded up your first ported aircraft, here are some things you may discover:
    ver.'98 gauges do not work in FSX
    Prop discs sometimes appear as solid discs rather than the nice prop blur you expected.
    Some props, even if they appear to be transparent may knock out all scenery objects and clouds when you look through the prop blur
    If you attempt to use the DX10 Preview option in FSX, you'll find that many FS9 portovers appear white (no textures).
    Depending on how the author coded the materials used in the model, you may have panels that don't show in the VC or the VC may be transparent except for the gauges.
    VC's that were clickable in FS9 may not be fully clickable in FSX

    That's just a few, I'm sure as folks wake up and get back into the forum, you'll have more than you ever expected. Some of those I've listed are fixable, some are not and depending on how many of those happen to show up in a particular aircraft will determine whether or not you keep it or dump it. Personally, I have more portovers than I do native FSX aircraft, so the problems I've listed aren't as widespread as it may sound, but they are out there.

    Ok, that's my 2cents. . . .let the flood gates open and read what everyone else has to say.:salute:
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    It seems that there is a program that tries to do that, but as far as i am aware , not very well. Issues you may encounter.

    Props behind clouds, model issue cant be fixed unless you have the original source.
    Textures showing up incorrectly.
    Landing lights dont work
    Gauges do not work. You can try replacing them with an fsx alternative,.
    Being compiled with FS9 SDK, they may have low frame rates.
    You may encounter issues in flight.

    Best to look for FSX versions before resorting to importing
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    All of the above, plus the ported planes will not have some FSX features like self-shadowing or specular shine. Also, many people experience stutters or a loss of FPS when using a non-FSX-native model. Sometimes this can be significant.

    As far as acutally turning an FS9 model into a full FSX model, you would need the source files, a lot of time, and a good familiarity with modelling and the FSX SDK.

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    It can be done...... but I wouldn't. FSX is too nice to ruin it with non-FSX planes. YMMV.

    Merry Christmas !
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