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    '633 Squadron'

    Is on the Military Channel now....

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    What happened to the Mossies that were used in the film :ques:

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    Mossies in the Mach Loop....awesome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panther_99FS View Post
    What happened to the Mossies that were used in the film :ques:
    From what I have heard, one or 2 may have crashed... maybe just one. And the third plane was undergoing restoration of some sort. None are flying now. (That was info from about a year or so ago...)

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    Good Movie!.....Is there a good "MOSQUTO" out there?..In FS9,I have the Old BSK model...Was a great Historical plane.!.......but Alas ,the fell into being extremely rare! , due to the TERMITES!...<label for="rb_iconid_24"></label>

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    From what I've read at least two Mosquito B.35 airframes were purposely destroyed during filming. Three went on to be used in the kinda sequel to 633 called "Mosquito Squadron" which was a dreadful film IMHO (it used a fair amount of footage from 633 but other aspects of it were just plain bad and done on the cheap). I think Kermit Weeks' B.35 Mossie was one of 633's stars, but sadly it's not flown in several years. There's another B.35 undergoing restoration in Victoria, British Columbia and an FB.26 being restored in New Zealand for an American collector.


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