Up The Creek Without a Fix.....
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    Up The Creek Without a Fix.....

    It's the default creeks and rivers in FS9. They simply mess up the beautiful waters given to us by Ultimate Terrain. There was a number that could be altered in the FS9.CFG to (among other things...) raise or lower the creek beds in relation to surrounding mesh....more or less canyon depending on your tastes. Anyone remember what it was...? ( I'd like to keep the creeks for scenery outside of U.T. coverage, but wouldn't mind reducing the 3D relief a bit. (A lot....)

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    It is under the WATER header in the UT setup. "Set new stream offset (meters)". They recommend -3.

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    I thought there was a line in the fs9.cfg that could be edited to adjust the depth of creeks and rivers relative to the terrain, but I can't find it in mine. Maybe it's an addon line?

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    Hi Magoo. In the UT setup/configuration utility you want to check the option:

    Remove Default Fs2004 Stream Lines / Turn off all streams ( - depending on version installed)

    This will remove the default streams, only in the areas where UT is installed, and avoid ugly replication of rivers as seen in your screenshot.

    Hope this helps.


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    Remove Default Fs2004 Stream Lines / Turn off all streams
    ....That was it!! Done!!

    I've got a heavily modified master copy of FS9 that I constantly back-up on an external drive. Whenever there's a new computer\ disc drive\ OS install....it gets copied out over top of a fresh FS9 install. Even though the FS9.CFG gets copied too, and the Ultimate Terrains where configured when first installed (years ago...).... I guess the settings haven't followed along. Over time, me and the settings deteriorate......there's lot's of room for error.

    But it's fixed....I'm a happy clam. Thanks for your advice fellows, it's much appreciated!

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