Thrustmaster Cougar w/Uber2 Nxt mod
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Thread: Thrustmaster Cougar w/Uber2 Nxt mod

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    Thrustmaster Cougar w/Uber2 Nxt mod


    Not for the novice, this is for an experienced computer pilot.

    Like new condition Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle, Joystick and RCS Rudder Pedals.
    Uber2 Nxt gimbal system installed with HALL sensors.
    Manuals, software on a CD ROM.

    $600.00 + shipping to USA 48 states only

    PM me or email to:

    Fighter Pilots make movies, ......... Bomber Pilots make History.

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    Nice...... but I can only dream of having one of these.

    At least I have 3 unmodded Cougars, and can use one for parts if need be.
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    Since I can't edit my original post.... here goes.

    I will take "Best Offer" for the Cougar system on Friday Oct. 21. Current high bid is $425.00 + shipping. PM me if you're interested.

    Original costs:
    The Cougar was 300.00
    The Uber2 Nxt was 497.00
    The Hall Sensors were 100.00
    RC2 Rudder Pedals were 100.00
    Total $997.00

    This item is for experienced advanced computer pilots and technicians only. It is the responsibility of the buyer to obtain any knowledge needed to install, setup and use these controllers. I can not give training or offer tech support.
    Fighter Pilots make movies, ......... Bomber Pilots make History.

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    Fighter Pilots make movies, ......... Bomber Pilots make History.

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