External fuel and loads on Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF
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Thread: External fuel and loads on Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF

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    External fuel and loads on Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21MF

    This is a fantastic addon, no doubt.
    I am not sure if just modifying the aircraft.cfg to reflect three external tanks will do the trick. It actually might but am not sure if this will interfere with the very realistic flight dynamics hence this post....

    This is the fuel section from the MiG-21MF

    Center1=0.500, 0.000, 0.000, 550.000, 0.000
    LeftMain=0.500, 0.000, 0.000, 75.000, 0.000
    RightMain=0.500, 0.000, 0.000, 75.000, 0.000
    external1=0.500, 0.000, 0.000, 120.000, 0.000

    I want to modify to include drop-tanks, UV16 rocket pods and Atoll and Aphid AAMs
    The goal here is have the modification without compromising on the flight dynamics characteristics.....

    Please suggest......



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    If I am not mistaken 'external1' is the drop tank. Adding UV16 rocket pods and Atoll and Aphid AAMs would be added as station loads in the weight and balance section. Adding external ordnance would also increase the aerodynamic drag, which can be edited by increasing the parasite drag a bit in the flight tuning section.

    [fuel] section

    This section defines the characteristics of the fuel system, including the tanks, fuel type, and the number of fuel selectors. The maximum number of selectors supported is 2. This value is intended to match the number of visual selectors on the instrument panel.

    Parameter Example (from C182 aircraft.cfg) Units Description
    LeftMain = -3.85, -2.10, 2.50, 46.0, 0.00
    RightMain= -3.85, 2.10, 2.50, 46.0, 0.00
    Feet, Gallons The longitudinal, lateral, and vertical position of the tank. Next are the usable and unusable capacities of the tanks.
    fuel_type fuel_type=1 1 – Avgas, 2 – JetA
    number_of_tank_selectors number_of_tank_selectors=1 Number of fuel tank selectors (max 4 – should be less than or equal to number of engines).
    electric_pump electric_pump = 1 Boolean that sets whether an electric boost pump is available, 0 = FALSE, 1 = TRUE.

    [weight_and_balance] section

    The weight and center of gravity of the aircraft can be affected through the following parameters. The sign convention for positions is positive equals longitudinally forward, laterally to the right, and vertically upward.
    Note: In the stock aircraft, the station_load.0, 1, etc. parameters are enclosed in quotation marks. These are used by internal language translation tools, and are not necessary for in-game use.

    Parameter Example Units / format Description
    max_gross_weight max_gross_weight = 3110 pounds Maximum design gross weight of the aircraft. This parameter is used solely in FSEDIT to help determine the aerodynamic coefficients.
    empty_weight empty_weight=1810 pounds Total weight (in pounds) of the aircraft minus usable fuel, passengers, cargo, and expendable armament (Combat Flight Simulator aircraft). If not specified, the value previously set in the .air file will be used.
    reference_datum_position reference_datum_position= 3.6, 0, 0 feet,feet,feet Offset (in feet) of the aircraft's reference datum from the standard Flight Simulator center point, which is on the centerline chord aft of the leading edge. By setting the Reference Datum Position, actual aircraft loading data can be used directly according to the aircraft's manufacturer. If not specified, the default is 0,0,0 (Flight Simulator's default center).
    empty_weight_CG_position empty_weight_CG_position= -3.0, 0, 0 feet,feet,feet Offset (in feet) of the center of gravity of the basic empty aircraft (no fuel, passengers, or baggage) from the Reference Datum Position.
    station_load.0 station_load.0=170, -3.0, -1.5, 0.0,Pilot pounds,feet,
    Specifies the weight and position of passengers or payload at a station specified with a unique number, station_load.N. The first parameter number on each line specifies the weight (in pounds), followed by the offset (in feet) of the station (longitudinal, lateral, and vertical) from the Reference Datum Position. The addition of stations results in a corresponding change in aircraft flight dynamics due to the change of the total weight and moments of inertia. The final field is the string name that is used in the Payload dialog (15 character limit). Omission of this will result in a generic “station” name being used.
    station_load.1 station_load.1=170, -3.0, 1.5, 0.0, Front Passenger pounds,feet,feet,feet Same as above
    station_load.2 station_load.2=160, -6.2, -1.5, 0.0,Rear Passenger pounds,feet,feet,feet Same as above
    max_number_of_stations max_number_of_stations=50 number Max Number of Stations specifies the maximum number of stations Flight Simulator will calculate when the aircraft is loaded. This allows an unlimited number of stations to be specified. Note that an excessively large number here results in a longer load time for the aircraft when selected, although there is no effect on real-time performance.


    max_gross_weight =25000.0
    empty_weight =10550.00000
    reference_datum_position = 0, 0, 0
    empty_weight_CG_position = 0.000, 0.000, 0.000
    CG_forward_limit = 0
    CG_aft_limit = 1
    max_number_of_stations =2
    empty_weight_pitch_MOI =20055.13000
    empty_weight_roll_MOI =14382.08000
    empty_weight_yaw_MOI =27578.91000
    empty_weight_coupled_MOI =0.00000
    station_load.0= 200, 0.000, 0.000, 0.909, Pilot
    station_load.1= 2200, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000, Ordnance

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    The simulator can simulate only two external tanks.

    External1 =
    external2 =

    These tanks are emptied first.

    My configuration for a MiG-21MF in FS9.


    max_number_of_stations=5 // Wight, for -aft, rihgt -left, up -down
    station_load.0=220.462262, 0.00, -8.33, -1.40, left out
    station_load.1=165.346697, 0.00, -6.15, -1.40, left in
    station_load.2=220.462262, 0.00, 0.00, -2.94, body
    station_load.3=165.346697, 0.00, 6.15, -1.40, right in
    station_load.4=220.462262, 0.00, 8.33, -1.40, right out

    // for -aft, rihgt -left, up -down, Volume
    Center1= 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 726.5
    External1= 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 129.5
    External2= 0.00, 0.00, 0.00, 259.0 //alternate for right & left external tanks for correct fuel management

    The left and right auxiliary tank on the wings are summarized in External2=.
    Each station can be fitted for the proper loading with the weight of the weapon, or the weight of an empty tank.

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