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Thread: FSX Screenshots Here!!

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    More great shots, erican2! Here's some more spit pics. And, of course, a mustang.


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    Thanks, I like your group shots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenhouse357 View Post
    Thank you, erican2. Just some randoms that weren't mustangs for a change lol.
    Ahem ..... I heard that

    Coming from a self proclaimed Mustang fanatic, .... I'd still have to say that it sure is nice for you and erican2 to inject some new life into the FSX screenshots forum with these spectacular shots.

    Here's a couple I posted a few months back in the A2A forums, of yes, ...... more Mustangs, this time in F1 outfits.


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    Sorry MZee, I've been a mustang fanatic since I was a kid. Built and painted more than a hundred models. I'm also an associate member of the 357th F.G.. Flying mustangs and painting them in the sim is all I mainly do. I just know some in here are tired of mustangs lol. I never will be. And you definitely take some great shots too! So, you guys keep the pics coming!


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    Thank-you, @Greenhouse357. More great shots, also !

    The main reason I opted for the A2A Mustang was how accurately the Accu-Sim aircraft was modeled in FSX right down to the failures and sounds. Fun to fly, not so much fun to break, sometimes frustrating when 'it won't start' ....just how real life works, right ? I'm still amazed the A2A mechanic still talks to me after everything I put this bird through, lol !

    I also admittedly just like taking those parked up ground glamor shots and using them as screensavers to show off the shine, bumps, and rivets !

    ..... "We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming" .....

    W7 64Bit, i7 2600, 16GB DDR3, GeForce 1660Ti 6GB, Asus P8Z68-V LX, WD20EARX 2TB (64MB) SATA 3 HDD, Cooler Master GX750, NZXT 'Red' Phantom

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    Great shots, here's a few more.

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    Wow erican2, nice shots! MZee, I have the A2A civilian and military mustangs, but without accusim. I like them, but always seem to go back to John's P-51s. I love taking ground shots too. Have you tried turning on aircraft shadows?


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    Love the first, beautifully done.

    Did the scenery get released to go with the ships?

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    A few shiny things.

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    Ha! More great shiny things erican2! Do I see the one finger salute in the third pic up? Lol. No, that scenery is the old Earth Simulations IOM.

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    Something a little faster.

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    Nice! Love the moon shot!

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    A couple of Jets.

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    The Gyrocopters are now free to download from https://fssupport.com/fsblog/shop/

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    Formation work

    A little late afternoon formation work with my AI. I haven't done this in a while and I am VERY rusty. Not to mention the Virtavia F-104 isn't the most easy to handle birds. Especially in speed control....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You can't take the sky from me...

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    Fond memories...I was fortunate to be able to walk (and crawl) through both bombers years ago at TICO.


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    Nice formation shots, something a bit different at Edwards AFB & stay away from Quetzalcoatlus with the C-119.

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    Ty erican2. That looks like fun, may have to dl it.

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    A blast from the past! IanP's work in FSX with planes of LHC Valkyrie installed! Great fun!

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    Haven't seen a Me 323 before.

    UENOSHING did a great job with the XFV-1, unfortunately the real aircraft never got the engine it was designed for so it never did any VTOL.
    It did do a transition to the hover at altitude, a clip on you tube showing the transition. It's a bit tricky to take off vertically but it's well modelled and fun to fly.

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