FSX Screenshots Here!!
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Thread: FSX Screenshots Here!!

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    FSX Screenshots Here!!

    Sometimes FSX is just too pretty, and one must take a screenshot. Post yours here - here's some of mine!

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    Nice shots Walter, yes I agree, sometimes I just enjoy pausing the sim and looking at a plane from different angles. With some of planes and scenery being offered the line between sim and reality is becoming more and more blurry.


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    We are so Lucky to have The Many dedicated flight sim 3rd party developers to make our hobby as great as it is.
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    It sure is pretty up here

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    new 560ti card and multi core proc. makes FSX look some kinda nice
    enter..the Sandman

    visit Heywood Planes - YouTube

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    It's one way to see the world's beauty...

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    The venerable F-100 Super Saber.
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    Nice work Ed and Thiago. Thiago..... you should put up some from that minute men 4 ship of sabres we did.

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    Would you believe that I have a whale of a tale to tell?
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    Regards, Mike Mann

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    I love blue... yellow too:mixedsmi:

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    a few oldies from me:

    You can find most of my repaints for FSX/P3D in the library here on the outhouse.
    For MFS paints go to flightsim.to

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    Wow! Those are great! Its nice to see that FSX can be upgraded to such beauty.

    Cool screenshots!

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    ooops, I actually posted two FS9 shots, sorry...
    swapped them for real FSX pics
    You can find most of my repaints for FSX/P3D in the library here on the outhouse.
    For MFS paints go to flightsim.to

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    I like the one with the three P-47's!!


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    Beautiful shots!!!! Here's a few of my favorite new mount.
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    Looking good.

    Some of my faves:

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    What aircraft is in the last two???

    Thank you,


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    Nice screens here


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    That would be the USS Macon ZRS-5 available here:



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    This was an old shot tribute to FS4. Anyone here remember the default blue and white 182RG at Meigs? :mixedsmi:
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