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Thread: FSX Screenshots Here!!

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    Great shots as usual zsoltquack, nice to see your repaints again. All the DCD Super Bugs and that sneaky FSXBA legacy Hornet!
    Fly Navy/Army (Ret. 2/2018)

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    Nice Zsolt!

    When I got out of the army, I was a civilian consultant to the Canadian Forces, spending lots of time with 4 Wing in Cold Lake, AB. Saw lots of Hornets ... that part of the job never got old.

    Great composition. I can't recall if that paint was in the big "100 repaint" pack or a new one - but regardless, that screenshot is superb!

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    Gunnar van der Meeren

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    Seat in front, a rocket behind the bum, some plates around..

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    A fast French Connection...

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    Sub hunting in the new RAF Poseidon

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    Training mission...


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    Mirage IV AP by Laborie Roland and others

    What a great thing!

    Laborie Roland and others have done a superb job in 2008 (!) creating this FS9/FSX bird.

    Its Mirage IV AP model with a lot of fine gimmicks (ejection seats/procedures, drop tanks, JATO Rockets....) and its also a little bit challenging to fly it - but not frustating...

    ...Today - more than 11 years later - its always even more fun to fly this french beauty in FSX (...partly more fun than new/actual addons for our sims)

    Pimped with new sounds (borrowed from the Mirage F1) and a new afterburner (from the IRIS Mig-29) its pure pleasure to cut the air with it....

    Thank you.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2020-4-3_11-5-18-918.jpg   2020-4-3_11-5-1-634.jpg   2020-4-3_11-4-4-440.jpg   2020-4-3_11-2-30-665.jpg  

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    That is beautiful plane and Wideroe livery. What software company is that plane please?



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