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Thread: FSX Screenshots Here!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by downwind View Post
    Lots of beautiful screen shots here. My set-up delivers nice quality shots, but my photo posting app tells me the file size is too large for posting. I'm frustrated that the "photoshop' apps are too complex for what I need. Can anyone recommend an easy to use photo editor?
    Does your photo posting app let you choose a BBCode to be pasted inside the forum post? I usually have no problem using Photoshop to resize an image.
    Charlie the "Balldude" Running FSX With SP1 and SP2 2GHZ processor with 2Gbits Memory Computer running Windows EXPEE (This is not a bladder condition)

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    A missing repaint for so long...now in place by Frank Felix

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2020-2-24_14-48-33-523.jpg   2020-2-24_14-46-24-648.jpg   2020-2-24_14-50-34-676.jpg  

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    Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics Rush Service

    Shalom and greetings all my pals,

    Presenting a nice year 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics flight by MD-83 from LIRN Naples International Airport located 4 miles northeast of the city of Naples, Italy to LQSA Sarajevo International Airport located eight miles west of downtown Sarajevo in old Yugoslavia

    On airborne to climb to Fl250 after take off from runway 24 now making 180 degree right turn toward east to start the route TEA M736 NAVAG L5 SPL Y88 VRANA KG

    Now cruising at Fl250 across mountains of Riserva Naturale Orientata Fara San Martino

    Approaching eastern shores of Italy to get ready to leave Italy

    Approaching to pass Chieti that is suburb of Pescara where you can see highway route number SS5 across the screenshot

    Passing view of city of Pescara that is blocked by clouds and its next door LIBP Pescara Abruzzo Airport located 2.5 miles from the centre of Pescara, Italy

    Crossing waters of Adriatic Sea

    Because of regulations of the forums not permitting more than 6 screenshots, please be kind enough to go to this hyperlink below to view rest of the exciting approach

    Here is the hyperlink: https://tonymadgehjg.proboards.com/t...ympics-service

    Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight.



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    Finally getting the hang of where to launch these and (almost) how to control them!
    USS 'Atlanta' here, one of the prettiest light cruisers of all, even if the 'AA Cruiser' concept was a failure.
    I'll try raising the state of the ocean to get some more 'action' next run.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Oldie but goldie!
    Taken with FS recorder, on FSX with DX10.
    Repaint available here in the library, though I've done a little tweaking with it in these screenshots.
    If anyone interested in the updated paint, I'll re-upload.

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    The Norwagian coast is a very interesting area to sail these large warschips.....


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    Heading out for the long weekend (holiday of my creation :P) hot dogs beer and a fishing rod, will find a river bank some where to land and lay back with some tunes and enjoy life for a few days! The ol'tundra will land just about anywhere.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Ar1.jpg   Ar2.jpg   Ar3.jpg  

    Your source for fine Flight Simulation enhancements!

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    USS 'Indianapolis'.
    Still on a learning curve.

    HMS 'Hood'........I'll need to load her right up next voyage!

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    B-25 wip

    I still have yet to export the most recent additions to the model, which has been focused on the gunner stations, but I liked these screenshots with some recent additions to the markings. The pinup girl comes out to be 620-pixels wide.

    BTW, I'm loving the looks of that Aeronca, Tom!

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    Now THAT certainly got my attention John!

    (Patiently waiting and hoping the Pacific Peso gains in value.)
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    OUTSTANDING "Miss Mitchell!!" The Aluminum looks so real you just want to run your hand over it (Then polish off the Fingerprints!)

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    FSCAI Dogfight

    Tomcatters ready to launch...

    AI MAIW Wingman catapulted - airborn

    Boogies on RIO's radar

    Engaging two Mig23s ...

    My Military Flight Videos :

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    Staying with my wingman, pursuing the one Mig...

    Break left !...

    Avoiding the head on pass

    FOX 2 !...

    My Military Flight Videos :

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    MAIW aircraft carrier pack?
    http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/image.php?type=sigpic&userid=81650&dateline=141228  2824

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    No, no. Just the AI F-14D & the AI Helo. Carrier is the default FSX carrier "veh_carrier01_high_detail_sm".
    My Military Flight Videos :

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2020-3-6_19-24-2-96.jpg   2020-3-6_21-40-15-521.jpg   2020-3-6_21-42-19-321.jpg  

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    Vive la France...

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2020-3-8_12-23-43-66.jpg   2020-3-8_12-24-23-70.jpg   2020-3-8_12-28-20-984.jpg   2020-3-8_12-29-51-705.jpg   2020-3-8_12-40-59-172.jpg  

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    RS, nice images; which Mirage IV model is it?

    Thanks, Henk.

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