OT Live Tracking my Cardinal ferry flight
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Thread: OT Live Tracking my Cardinal ferry flight

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    OT Live Tracking my Cardinal ferry flight

    Thought some of you might enjoy tracking the ferry flight of my Cessna Cardinal from Austin Texas to Florida live.


    Free registration and my N # is 30967 a Cessna 177B

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    Ugh, you filed /U - is this a maintenance flight or you don't have much equipment in that bird?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryanbatc View Post
    Ugh, you filed /U - is this a maintenance flight or you don't have much equipment in that bird?
    Just bought the plane and got it home today. It has minimal avionics and very ugly paint.
    Pictures here:

    However I bought it for it's low time (1800 hrs), corrosion free airframe. The entire aircraft was corrosion proofed (zinc chromate) at the factory. It just had a brand new $28,000 engine put in by Lycon in Calif, and fresh overhaul on the constant speed prop at $8,000.

    It is scheduled for the paint shop the end of June and then up to the avionics shop to install a new Garmin 530W (WAAS). The Garmin 530W is rated for precision and non-precision instrument approaches and also has a lot of other really nice features.

    The only radio in the plane that I am keeping is the KX155 with glide slope. It currently does not have an auto-pilot and I may have to wait till next year to install a simple two axis model. I flew both my previous Cardinal and my Cessna 180 IFR for years without an AP but it would be nice to have one. It has an old Narco 720 channel radio and a Loran in it that are only good for boat anchors.

    The plane made the trip from Austin Tx in 5 hours (including a stop in Baton Rouge) and burned 9.5 gph for the trip. It did an honest 130 kts at cruise and is pretty fast for only 180 hp and FG. My C-180 was a little faster but it burned a heck of a lot more fuel.

    Attached is a picture of the paint scheme she is getting.

    Best Regards,

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