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    G4M1 Betty

    :salute:G'day gentlemen, I'm looking for all things Betty.Major Magee did a skin , but I dont know where to find it .I have found a Betty in the archives, (Runny- I think)but i dare not use it as it needs a lot of other aircraft bits(files) . I have the Avhistory g4m1, but I am not sure its still good (corrupted) I was trying the mission included with the Avhistory Betty but the game freezes about 10 seconds into it. So i'm thinking the betty might be the problem.Also I believe there is a flyable betty somewhere ? Well use to be ? Does anyone remember ? All help much appreciated.

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    Here is the link:


    The corrected Betty I uploaded, By Major Magee..:salute: :salute:
    It works well..

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    Thats what I was looking for , how I missed it , I dont know . Thankyou Sir Hobbit.:salute:

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    You are most welcome,
    Major Magee built a great Betty for us and I am Grateful to Him for this..

    The Betty is a Really Nice looking target in my P-39 and P-40 gunsites too..
    And I try to Bend it, when I fly it in Missions..Fun to fly down Low..

    Just can't help myself..I like bending aircraft..

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    Flies well, explodes great, and can sink ships too. Lotsa fun. Burns real nice

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