2 annoying CFS2 issues:
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Thread: 2 annoying CFS2 issues:

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    2 annoying CFS2 issues:

    Hello all - Morton in particular:

    I've had this issue for a while, and just lived with it up till now.

    1. White box in spot view. In the Ocean Fury Sea Fury, I've replaced the panel with Morton's 2-D panel. As in FS9, I guess when there is a disconnect between an "aftermarket" 2-D panel and the VC, one gets that white box. I'm really fond of Morton's 2-D panel - anyone figured out a way to get rid of the white box?

    2. Spot view. Is there a way to replace spot view with "locked" spot view? I absolutely hate that weird elusive pan motion that sometimes defies your command of where you want to look. In FS9 and now FSX - my external view is always "locked" spot. Any way of achieving that in this sim?

    many thanks, guys/gals!


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    Hi DL,
    1) I think you'll find that you are missing a VC entry in your panel.cfg file, so the main panel bmp is not being displayed. Check the VC panel.cfg entry (near the bottom), firstly make sure it has the correct info (compare to a good panel cfg that works), also see what panel bmp is being called by the sim, make sure you have that.

    2) If you use this, back-up the files before altering them. http://webcache.googleusercontent.co...w.google.co.uk



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