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    Question Gold Edition over Deluxe Edition

    I have FSX installed. It may even be my RTM copy from the beta days. I never installed the Acceleration copy we got. Sometime last year I picked up a copy of the Gold Edition (FSX and Acceleration bundle) for a song at Walmart to have a real copy. Can I install the Gold Edition over the FSX just to add the Acceleration part? Or would I be better off scraping everything off and starting from scratch? Have never liked having to rebuild FS when it finally works. Don't really want to do any of this but I need Acceleration for some flight model testing.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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    I think the Gold version comes with an Acceleration disk - so you should be able to just install Acceleration.

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    Your absolutely right. I hadn't even looked at the disks. There are three disks in the package and the beta builds were always two disks. Thanks. :salute:

    Worked great. Thanks again.

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    Be aware that you'll have to uninstall the SP2 before you can install Acceleration.
    The Acceleration setup will notify you about that anyway.
    No impact on the installed addons.

    In the past, I had to uninstall Acceleration to try to install the SP2 instead. Then I uninstalled the SP2 and reinstalled Acceleration right away. Everything was still working.

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