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    Back-up for Win 7

    I need a back-up program for Win 7. Yep . I know . that failed about 8 times since last night. I would like to use a Back-Up Free until next month, then I can pay for a license. I would like to back up to a USB drive which I already have.
    What are Ya'll using?
    Joe Watson
    Lake Placid, Florida

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    Joe, do you have a Seagate HDD? With Seagates you can buy a second one of any size and backup everything to it.... including your OS. All done with MaxBlast 5 which is free from them and found on the Seagate website. Ocne done you can run the backed up HDD on any computer you want, just like a fresh install.... it's all set to run.
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    Naw .. Got WD's in there. It took almost 24 hours to get a back-up Sunday. It was 7:45 pm Monday night when I got a good back-up. The default Back-up really stinks.
    Joe Watson
    Lake Placid, Florida

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    I am really liking Acronis TrueImage Home for backing up my Win7 rigs.
    I don't have the automatic backup feature set up, I still do mine manually. I have intentionally crashed and restored my new Win7 laptop before I started adding my own software to it just to see how well the backups will restore...didn't have any hiccups at all during the backup or restore tasks. I backup onto USB externals on my two laptops. My desktop rig gets backed up via eSata, only because it's faster and I have a docking station with that interface.
    It works good on XP machines too.

    I happened to get the 3-user license version on sale at one of the web stores (I think it was from TigerDirect but I don't remember).
    Direct from Acronis' site, 1-license is $50, 3-license is $80 Still not a bad pricetag.

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    I know I am late into this one, however if anyone is looking for a good backup tool I have been VERY pleased with Macrium Reflect, they have a totally free version which I use on my laptop and more powerful versions for bigger jobs I use the Pro version on my Windows Home Server in addition to the built in backup.

    Here is the link to the main site, you will see a free 30 trial and if you poke around the free limited version is there as well.

    The thing I like about it is you can do full image backup and simple on the fly back up of specific files, folders or even a drive with just a couple of clicks. Great little tool, and besides a great price - free is always good, it is simple to use.
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