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Description: Demirrored repaint, originally by Rick Spork, a.k.a. Smashing Time, of stock B5N2 "AI-301", carrier Akagi, Level Bomber Force. Flown by 1st wave Air Strike Leader Lt. Cdr. Mitsuo Fuchida, commander-in-chief/coordinator of all IJNAF formations deployed at Pearl Harbour on Dec. 7th, 1941. Fuchida was the pilot who radioed back the historical code message "Tora, tora, tora!" to let Vice Admiral Nagumo know total surprise had been achieved at Pearl.
To be used with TheB24 Guy's stock AI overhaul B5N2 Kate. Removed most of the extended bitmap textures green and red "bleed" effect.

Part of a series of stock Japanese aircrafts livery touchups dedicated to the "Day of Infamy", a tribute to the monumental effort carried out by SOH's members Crashaz, Talon and the Pearl Harbour Project 2 for CFS team to recreate the environment, scenery and missions of that historical day.

- Demirrored original stock skin/damage files, with added "AI-301" codes and insignias;
- new engine texture;
- both full disc and single blade textures to choose from;
- dp developed by Talon for Pearl Harbour attack scenario AI performance: stock payload array replaced with Thicko's D4Y Suisei 250/60kg bombs; B5N ventral racks, type 91 Kai-2 torpedo and 800kg AP bomb; Metal Dreams' Imperial Japanese Navy 30kg bombs;
- Thicko's D4Y Suisei wing pylons and simulated ventral bomb rack with Ground Crew's Luftwaffe Hagel Rack;
- corrected gun arrangement to historical forward/rearward firing single 7.7mm machine guns;
- Green Ghost's DAP gauge-controlled exhaust effect.

By kelticheart.


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