As I was trying to find an answer to the debate I was having with Ivan; "What is Cl max for the Fokker Eindecker E.III?" I stumbled on a few nifty programs;

JavaFoil at

It is a Java applet that you can run on-line or download and run off-line in your browser window or on itself with a batch file. It can design NACA profiles (4 digits, 4 digits modified, 5 digits, 5 digits reflexed, 07 series, 18 series, 6 digits) TsAGI "B" series, NPL EQ and EQH series, NPL EC and ECH series, Biconvex airfoil, Wedge, Cambered plates, Van de Vooren Symmetrical, Newman Circular nose, Joukofsky, Helmbold-Keune, Parsec with 11 parameters, and Rosner with 4 parameters.

If you don't find what you're looking for (which was my case), you can still design your own and import it!

The interface is "users-friendly" and will let you crunch tons of Cl, Cd, Cm 0.25, L/D, CP, and the list goes on...

If you get "hooked", you may be tempted by XFoil at

The interface is the "console" (MS-DOS windows), but, for XP, you can download XFlr5 at

which is a front GUI for XFoil.

All are free...